Welcome back, Angels! Well we’ve had another week of second chances, learning to live in drastically different bodies, and utter hilarity. But as our two leading men who’ve come back from the grave are discovering, there are many secrets and shady goings-on related to their deaths. Betrayal abounds--how will Young Soo and Gi Tak be able to find justice for themselves and their loved ones when they’re not allowed to give away their true identities or seek revenge? Join Firnlambe, DeShonda, and yours truly, Marakeshsparrow as we discuss all the dirty details from episodes 5 & 6 of Come Back, Mister!

Marakeshsparrow: So I don’t know about you ladies, but these episodes had me practically rolling on the floor. The more I watch this drama, the more I am impressed with Oh Yeon Seo’s portrayal of Han Gi Tak. She is a talented comedic actress and I love how well she’s captured the rough, tough guy’s mannerisms. I’m loving how “she” weaseled her way into Yi Yeon’s life and is even acting as her manager now. I thought I was watching this drama for Rain, but this girl matches him evenly--I smile every time she’s on screen!

Firnlambe: Dear Lord . . . I just about lost it throughout the entirety of episode 6. Though, I must admit, I lost it most during their runway training or during the misunderstood “sex” scene. Watching those two men interact while one of them is a drop dead gorgeous “woman” is hysterical. Plus I’m enjoying Gi Tak’s story line much more than Young Soo’s story. I’m just getting frustrated with him while he is on his own because he never seems to remember that he CAN’T keep acting like he has been. He is supposed to be this posh rich boy who has no idea what’s going on in everyone’s lives. Can he follow through with this?!? Noooooo of course not! //silently broods in a dark corner// He’s going to have the punishment before their 2 months are up I just know it. 

DeShonda: I could not help but laugh the entire time while watching these episodes. The “sex” scene and the runway scene were my favorites as well. I am really enjoying Gi Tak’s story line as well. I also am enjoying Young Soo’s because he really does love his wife and he is acting out because he can’t be with her because of the rules. So I can totally understand his frustrations with his wife as it seems she is with another man . . .and possible pregnant as well. I believe that he is going to break the rules sooner than later.

Marakeshsparrow: I’ve got to agree with Firnlambe on this one. As hilarious as Young Soo is (and he’s pretty dang hilarious), he’s also bugging me a bit. The scenes with his wife always feel so awkward. I guess that means the drama is doing its job successfully because it would be awkward when you want to love and adore your wife but she thinks you’re a complete stranger, but STILL he needs to get some kind of grip! I mean, Gi Tak has more or less found ways to control “himself” around Yi Yeon… Young Soo needs to remember who he’s supposed to be or he’s definitely going to give the game away. Although, I did enjoy his seemingly uncalled for jealous behavior towards his wife and //ehem// JUNG JI HOON. Did anyone else do a double take at the manager’s name? I think it’s pretty funny that they used Rain’s real name for this character.

Firnlambe: Gi Tak totally has more control than Young Soo . . . though it’s clear he has more control around Yi Yeon and totally forgets to censor himself around his “boys”. Speaking of his boys was anyone else amused when Gi Tak came to Yi Yeon and ask about her seduction methods, mister stealthy bodyguard totally had a mini panic attack. Methinks that boy has developed a crush on Gi Tak’s “sister”. As for Jung Ji Hoon -- I totally didn’t even register the name similarity. Probably because I was too mistrusting of him through this entire week. //sigh// I had a sinking feeling he would turn out to be trouble.

DeShonda: As a BIG Rain fan, I totally noticed that his name was used for the manager’s name. I did a triple take, Marakeshsparrow, when I noticed this. I thought it was a nice gesture to use his name since this is his comeback drama. As frustrating as his character may be, I am still enjoying his performance very much. And I also had a feeling that the bodyguard has a crush on Gi Tak’s “sister” by his reaction. That scene between Yi Yeon and Gi Tak was hilarious and I laughed until I cried!

Marakeshsparrow: Haha! Riiiight? The scene where Yi Yeon was teaching Gi Tak about her womanly mystique had me dying. It was so cute! And I definitely caught mister stealthy bodyguard’s little flinch when Yi Yeon asked if “Hong Dan” had found herself a man. I had a feeling he might be developing feelings for his boss’s sister . . . if only he knew the truth . . . hahaha.

Marakeshsparrow: So back to Jung Ji Hoon--I was really thinking that Young Soo had misread the situation re: the manager and his wife. It’s SO painfully clear that he likes Da Hye though, which is a bit frustrating especially since Young Soo is usually watching it first hand, but I don’t believe they were having an affair. HOWEVER--now it seems like he may not be as innocent as I was thinking. How did he know about that bribe money stored in the golf course locker? What does this mean? Did he actually betray his so-called friend?

Firnlambe: I don’t trust Ji Hoon and as far as I’m concerned Young So can chuck him into the Han River . . . . errrrrr . . . . I mean the poor boy is clearly misunderstood -- yeeeeeah -- that’s what I meant to say //shifty eyes//

DeShonda: I agree that this was a total misunderstanding on Young Soo’s part. But I don’t trust Ji Hoon either due to what I seen in at the golf course. I also smell a betrayal.

Marakeshsparrow: Whatever the case may be, we know the really bad guy is the other brother of the Sujin group--Jerkface Ex (haha, anyone catch his name?) He’s got his evil, grimy fingers in everyone’s business and seems to be the root of both Gi Tak and Young Soo’s problems. Something that had me a bit confused though: what was that whole altercation between him and the thug president of Yi Yeon’s entertainment company? Na Suk Chul set up that whole betrayal, stabbing Yi Yeon in the back, getting the director to change actresses at the last minute without letting her know, but then Jerkface Ex got all angry, kicking him in the chest and saying Yi Yeon’s was his toy and that he can’t play with her . . . I thought he’d be glad to see she was being treated so cruelly. I’m not really sure I understand what went down there. . .

Firnlambe: Jerkface Ex doesn’t like to share. He would have been happy with all the pain she was dealt, as long as HE was the one who instructed it to happen. He likes the control and so, when his attack dog got off his chain, he felt it necessary to assert his dominance again. I’m still having trouble getting used to seeing Choi Won Young act with such a sinister sneer on his face . . . and he hasn’t even really blown up at anyone just yet. THAT will be an interesting thing to see unfold. I wonder what will finally set that short fuse aflame.

DeShonda: That was a very good explanation Firnlambe. I was a bit confused about the entire situation as well. I was thinking the exact same thing about Choi Won Young. I am just waiting with bated breath for him to totally flip out and lose it. But I am used to seeing him in a completely opposite role than other dramas I have seen him in.

Marakeshsparrow: See, the last few dramas I’ve seen Choi Won Young in he played a bad guy (Twenty AgainThree DaysNightwatchman’s Journal) so I’m starting to feel like he’s been type-cast as a total A**hole, haha. I’m pretty sure he’s got serious inferiority complex/daddy issues going on, so it probably won’t take much for him to completely snap. How did Yi Yeon get involved with scum like him over the man who’s always been there for her (Han Gi Tak)? And does she know that her Ex is the one pulling the strings behind President Na Suk Chul? I might have missed something, but I’m sure she wouldn’t be happy knowing she’s still trapped under her evil ex-husband’s thumb.

Firnlambe: Yeah the first roles that come to mind when I see Choi Won Young are from Heirs and Kill Me Heal Me . . . both roles he was an adorable sweetheart and so this is totally out of left field for me (cuz I don’t really count the shows you listed nearly as extreme as this roll and I haven’t seen Three Days //ducks debris tossed by Micky fans at her drama negligence//) ANYWAYS! He totally has daddy issues which I feel stemmed from feeling threatened by his bastard brother (right? I didn’t get that family relation wrong did I). Speaking of the real Hae Joon, was anyone else /extremely/ disappointed there were no Epilogues this week?

DeShonda: Yes I did notice that there were no Epilogues this week. I must admit I am really enjoying that little storyline. When we last left off Hae Joon was stranded on an island thanks to his drunk pilot who crashed the plane. I wonder what will happen next?

Marakeshsparrow: //throws debris// Firnlambe--as a Micky fan I am outraged! Hahaha--jk. Right, back on topic. You know, I didn’t notice that there were no epilogues this week until you two just mentioned it! And now I’m wondering what’s going on with Hae Joon on that abandoned island. Has he started talking to a volleyball yet? Is that pilot alive? I’m definitely getting the feeling that he’s going to find his way off the island and back to Seoul and then there will be some serious confusion. It’s lucky the President and Jerkface Ex aren’t very familiar with Hae Joon or they would have some serious questions regarding his odd behavior. Though as it is, I think they’re pretty confused by him. I mean, he acts pretty nutty most of the time. I guess only time will tell!

There you have it Angels! Another week down. What do you think the truth is behind Jung Ji Hoon? Does he reek of betrayal or is it just some kind of misunderstanding? And are you enjoying Gi Tak's storyline as much as we are, or do you prefer all the scenes with Rain and his chocolate abs? Let us know in the comments below and join us next time for another Come Back, Mister Drama Club!

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