Hello there! I've decided to give titles to the recaps based on my favorite moments of the episode. You'll see why I've named this the celebration of the chocolate abs. Anyhow, are you ready to recap Episode 3 of Come Back, Mister?


Please Come Back, Mister

Starring Rain (Bi) and Oh Yeon Seo

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 It starts with Young-soo talking to Cool Lady as she explains the problem. It was totally the computer who made the mistake when they picked the new body. Chances that it was someone who was still alive or not about to die were slim, but it happened. She tries to tell him it’s all the computer, not to take it against her. But it’s not only that there’s someone else with his same body, that person is Chairman Cha’s son.

The solution she offers is going back but he won’t so she has to make sure to help.

Manager Ma is listening to this and informing Ew Ex Husband that the new Branch Manager is there, trying to keep his identity hidden. The Ew Ex Husband is being ew, saying how he won’t let the illegitimate son take over what’s his. Ew.

Am I the only one who wants to take a bathroom break during his scenes? Without pressing pause?

Gi-tak is explaining better things to Lee-yeon, with more detail regarding what he said before dying. The actress thinks at first she came to get revenge for his death, so she tries to act like nothing but then Gi-tak says that it was a trap for her where he was a victim. Gi-tak repeats the words he said to her before dying, about not holding a grudge and that breaks Lee-yeon.

Gi-tak explains she came to help her, saying that was Gi-tak’s last request. Lee-yeon notices her bloody feet and seems to struggle whether to believe her or not. We can’t hear a response, we only see when Gi-tak is leaving. Seung-jae sees her off and she tries to explain to him Gi-tak never hit the model, that he has to believe. They made a promise to always stick by the law, but Seung-jae thinks Gi-tak broke it and for that he’s so angry.

Seung-jae explains that with Gi-tak death, unconscious Big Boss after a heart attack, the world is Suk-chul’s shell.

Then we see Han-na walking home, she spots her omma, but she isn’t alone, Young-soo is following, trying not to get caught. As the clever little girl she is, she screams “omma!” to get her mother’s attention, but she also gets Young-soo’s, whose heart seem to come back to life when he sees her. The little girl is ruing and he kneels with his open arms for her, but the girl runs past him. I don’t know how something can be so heartbreaking and embarrassing at the same time.

Young-soo stays behind, watching them leave. Later on, he arrives at the gate of his old house, and Han-na and Da-hye are being creeped out, thinking of him as a pervert. The little girl is ready to attack with a plant and Da-hye grabs a bigger one, but then they are caught by Abeoji (father).

The old man goes out, to face Young-soo and throw their big fierce and lovely fat dog at him who recognises him and fills him with love. Young-soo stands up and Da-hye finally recognises him. He starts babbling, trying to explain he’s not a pervert and why he’s there. He struggles a lot, because it’s his house, but he can’t tell them that because it’s a rule. It’s getting messy.

He ends up with the excuse he lent money to Young-soo for the house, basically without thinking, just babbling as if his mouth is possessed. So basically it’s his house and like that, he makes his way in.

Inside the house he recalls different episodes with his family, seeing them like ghosts haunting the place. Being greeted lovingly, being cute with his wife, her daughter getting stuck in the toilet because they left the lid open. All memories of his happy family life.

When the family is back, they are still suspicious of him and he keeps lying, saying Young-soo never paid and such. Da-hye almost faints, too overwhelmed with the news. Everyone worries for her but she even yells she’s okay. Then he requests to pay his respects to Young-soo.

As he does, he really accepts he died, it’s a fact he can’t deny anymore. He bows formally twice, every time with more pain making his shoulders heavy. He notices the room is exactly how he left it, the only difference is he’s not there. He breaks down crying, mourning his own death. Han-na and Da-hye watch him, thinking he’s just sad because he can’t get the money he lent to Young-soo. He isn’t a pretty when crying. Oh, oppa, let me hug you! Abeoji is also listening to his sobs, while watching TV, so he turns the volume up to mute it. Pretty sure he was watching Splash, Splash Love.

Somewhere else, Gi-tak is going to see Big Boss, carrying flowers. When they don’t let her come in with the excuse she was sent by the wife, she starts throwing at them all the responsibilities she was supposed to carry. Where was she keeping the gold fish, CD, thermometer and all that?

She is let in and sits next to Big Boss. We get flashbacks of when they were talking about his life, how he wanted to retire with his wife and Gi-tak to take his place. Suk-chul came then, also under Big Boss’s wing and they are introduced then, but they know each other. Big Boss was the one between them.

Gi-tak in the present is telling him to recover, he needs to go plant potatoes with his wife and all those plans. The man’s toes twitch.

Back to Young-soo, he’s going to use the bathroom, but Abeoji is already there, sitting. When he comes out he advises Young-soo to do his business sitting down because they need to take care of the women in the house, it is for their sake.

Then they are eating and he is really hungry, apparently. Abeoji tells Da-hye to bring more rice for him but as there isn’t, he goes to get the one that was at Young-soo’s picture. He explains that eating food meant for the dead will keep away the bad luck. He eats it eagerly. Abeoji points out then he is like his son Young-soo in the way he eats, and he has to explain it’s just because he hasn’t eaten a home-made meal in a long time.

When Young-soo asks if they have received some money from the insurance company, Da-hye sends Han-na and Abeoji and is left alone with Young-soo. They haven’t received a dim and when he asks if it’s because it’s believed to be a suicide, she tells him to be careful. She hasn’t told Han-na about it and doesn’t want her to think of her father like that.

However, Han-na knows, she heard in school the kids saying it, which means all of Da-hye’s efforts are for naught. The little girl is crying in her room, tearing the drawing of her father falling from the building.

Outside, Abeoji is wiping an exercising machine that belonged to Young-soo that Da-hye wanted to throw away, saying he is going to use it, same as his old shoes. About the books, Han-na is keeping them, she will read them. But Da-hye won’t let them, throwing away the books no matter how much Han-na cries that they are her dad’s. The little girl throws herself on the books, trying to stop her omma and Young-soo is just watching, his heart breaking.

In some small restaurant, Gi-tak is drinking and keeping away the guys who try to approach her. I love that she’s still such a thug. She is struggling in her mind, recalling Lee-yeon telling her about the nude photoshoot offer and how she might consider it, after all what else she can do with the rumours? She needs to work for her son, but she doesn’t want to fall any lower. She then threatens Gi-tak saying if she came to manipulate her with a death person, she’ll kill her. Lee-yeon throws the pictures to the bed and asks her how she is going to help her.

She seems to be thinking deeply about it but a man crying drunk about his father peeing sitting down is annoying her. She goes to sit with him, and he keeps bawling no matter what she tells him because he is the most pathetic type of man. It’s funny how Young-soo and Gi-tak draw to each other.

They drink together, more and more, Young-soo being the only one that really looks drunk and keeps crying. She offers to pay but he stops her, however, none of them have enough money. She starts calling to the heavens, saying she doesn’t have enough money. She tries then to make the other guys who tried to hit on her to pay but when they won’t, it looks like she’s going to fight.

Instead of fighting, she grabs Young-soo’s hand and they make a run for it. When the lady grabs the check, there’s enough money under it. Ah, Cool Lady was listening, after all.

They continue running together, she’s barefoot again. Once they are in a safe distance, they part ways but Young-soo finds her speech oddly familiar.

They run into each other again in the elevator and finally recall they bumped into each in the morning. He apologises to her for what happened and go together, they are basically neighbours. Before entering, he calls her, wondering if they have met before.

He stops her, grabbing her by the wrist and then shoulders, pinning her against the wall as he leans closer, staring into her eyes. There’s a man in her pupils.

This is my favourite part, how Gi-tak starts trying to control her errant heart, wondering if it’s just because he has a woman’s body now. Young-soo keeps approaching, making her struggle. The image flicks from the woman’s body to the ahjussi’s body, melting at Young-soo’s touch, and I’m just laughing my ass off, how he keeps repeating to himself he’s a man.

It seems Young-soo recognises Gi-tak, he’s holding her face and leaning so close. This is too sexy for my own heart! She finally leans forward and kisses him, acting by impulse. We can actually see the two ahjussis kissing!

I’m laughing too much for my own sake.

They recognise each other, finally, screaming and jumping into each other arms. They go into one of the rooms and she is inspecting his body, they joke about the chocolate abs and I continue laughing. She also wants to see how he changed down there, but he’s embarrassed, he has to whisper it in her ear and she starts complaining to heaven, wondering if he really committed that many sins. Young-soo tells her she at least has boobs, but Gi-tak isn’t happy, they aren’t that big.

I find those two too amusing. I love them.

Then they are drinking again, explaining what happened with their situations. He comments about his mouth being faulty (because of all the lies he said to his family) and she recalls the kiss she gave him. It is a serious defect.

Han-na is under the covers, holding her father’s phone and crying because he lied, he said he’d come home but he wasn’t. My heart is breaking. That little girl is an amazing actress.

Da-hye is also thinking back of Young-soo, recalling their argument about how he overwork himself. Abeoji is with his look lost before focusing on the shoes, his broken heart on his eyes.

In Japan, Lee Hae-joon is explaining the plane had to land there because of the weather conditions. I’m glad they didn’t crash and he survived. The secretary interprets the way Chairman Cha moves the walnuts and tells him that he said: “Get the hell out of there and come here!” It’s so funny how she speaks for him. Hae-joon is determined to get the recognition, not because he’s a son but because of his skills.

Han-nah went to the restaurant her parents went for the anniversary, (Gi-tak’s restaurant) to retrieve the necklace Young-soo wanted to give Da-hye. She’s pushed away but in the alley, she sees Gil and asks him for his help. At first he doesn’t understand what she’s looking for, but finally he recalls the necklace Young-soo gave him for the favour. She, crying, tells him it belongs to her late father and he promises to get it back even if he gets beaten up.

He does get slapped because he gave it to another girl, but what matters the most, he retrieves it for Han-na.

Young-soo is outside the mall, getting ready to do his part, clear his name and help his family. There must be someone who can help. But when he walks in he is greeted by all the staff, bowing deeply. He is confused, thinking it’s not him the new Branch Manager, but Manager Ma keeps sucking up to him and he seems to accept it.

He calls Maya, who is wearing some spectacular dark bags under her eyes, asking to understand what happened.

Real name: Lee Hae-joon, who is supposed to come as the new Branch Manager. She stayed up all night trying to settle that down for him. When Young-soo asks where the real Hae-joon is, we see him in Japan renting a plane to take him to Seoul. It looks very shady, the pilot is drinking soju.

If I were him, I’d jump off. The guy is piloting drunk, which is too much, and he’s also Korean. The pilot tries to calm him down, but he looks really unease. Then the pilot contacts the base but the one who answers is Maya who sends them away with just one blow. The plane goes lost and she disappears.

When Young-soo is getting out of the restrooms, Manager Ma is waiting for him to escort him. As they walk together, he releases no one dares to look at him just like he couldn’t meet Ew Ex Husband’s eyes before.

Young-soo gets too much pleasure from making Manager Ma bow so deep, and when he’s at that, Da-hye sees him there, he makes Manager Ma shout he is Lee Hae-joon, new Branch Manager of the store. She is awestruck.

Han-na is in the store, Ji-hoon asks her what’s wrong and she came with the necklace, to make sure her father bought it there with some employee discount.

The male model from the scandal is there and so is Lee-yeon who runs into him. He tries to hide at first but she walks up to him and acts all nice. She sees security coming and loses her smile, but before leaving she asks him why he did that to her. There’s no answer, though.

She gets nervous as she sees security approaching, and they are requesting her to leave, to use another store. Gi-tak comes the opposite way, walking by her, grabbing her hand to give it a squeeze, encouraging, while still walking. That gives her the strength to just tell them no matter what, she is a costumer there, too.

Da-hye approaches Young-soo who makes Manager Ma leave them alone. She is asking how he knows her husband, she’s never heard of him. Young-soo says that’s why he likes her husband so much, he didn’t go spilling the beans. She asks to see the IOU he collected but he isn’t carrying it around and promises to show it later.

The male model is walking around, calling to report Lee-yeon is in the mall. He bumps into Gi-tak who acts all nice. They drop their phones and she picks his. He realises soon they switched phones so goes after her to fix this. Once she is out of sight, she starts repeating the number she memorised and saves it. She did that to get his number.

Then Seung-jae finds her and asks her what she’s doing there.

At that time, Ew Ex Husband arrives in a bad mood, making everyone he doesn’t like get fired. He demands to get Lee-yeon out of the store immediately. Han-na stops him, recognising him as President Cha, asking him to help her.

Security is forcing Lee-yeon to leave, but then Young-soo arrives to stop this nonsense, scolding them for not differentiating personal from business matters. He and the other men around apologise deeply to her. When Young-soo looks up, he winks at Gi-tak who surely informed him and asked him for that favour.

Seung-jae is asking what she’s plotting and she says she just came to confirm her hypothesis to see who’s behind the male model. She is figuring out someone else is behind Suk-chul who send someone to hit the model. Seung-jae is impressed.

Han-na is crying in front of president Cha, begging him to help her prove her dad didn’t commit suicide, she has the proof (the necklace), but the man is disgusting and just throws her away. She falls to the grown and crawls to pick the necklace that is at Young-soo’s feet. With enraged eyes, he looks like he’ll kill Ew Ex Husband.

The epilogue shows the plane Lee Hae-joon was coming on crashed in the ocean and now he’s stranded in a desert island. Oh boy, how is he going to get out of there? Maya, you sent him really far.


Well, maybe it wasn't as funny as the second episode, but I did enjoy it a lot. My favourite part was when the ahjussis recognise each other and their celebration. I laughed so hard and I really love their dynamic. They help each other and can talk, so that surely is a relief in their situation. Their friendship is very special, their interactions are always amusing. When they were comparing bodies and joking about not going to public baths because Young-soo's chelate abs would melt or become cold chocolate if he went to the cold baths, I couldn't myself. Despite being two old men, they act very childish around each other, and that's refreshing. It also helps to light up the mood.

Young-soo's longing and heartbreak with his family pains me a lot, especially regarding his daughter Han-na. She is the sun in his life and I can't imagine how much it hurts that she doesn't recognise him or can't know he's still there. And talking about Han-na, that girl has a bright future, she's a great actress. She breaks my heart more than any other character in the K-drama.

I hate, hate, hate President Chan, that Ew Ex Husband is despicable, they way he treats people is disgusting. I hope he doesn't have that many scenes or I'll throw up while watching.

What did you think of the episode? What was your favourite part? It was the ahjussis' kiss?

Until next episode!
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