And I'm back for the second episode of Come Back, Misterr. Are you excited? I certainly am, not only because there's more Rain now (can you blame me if that's the case, though?) but also because it is getting interesting. I really want to know how this whole "going back to Earth" is going to turn out. So let's recap!


Please Come Back, Mister

Starring Rain (Bi) and Oh Yeon Seo

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It starts with our lovely lady from the train station, complaining about her job and how every few centuries, someone has to give trouble. She kicks the door, literally, to prepare for the two ahjussis that jumped off the train. The literally fall from the sky into the chairs in front of her desk.

They look… like they’ve fallen from the sky with their hairs all stuck up and still screaming. Our cool lady only shakes her head.

She hands them contracts to come back to Earth, explaining there is a chance, although extremely dangerous. She tries to warn them about how dangerous it is, horrible things could happen. Worse than hell! Evidently, she doesn’t want them to sign, but Young-soo just does, promising to be careful.

Gi-tak follows, explaining that although he doesn’t have a family per se to take care, he has to fix the situation he left Lee-yeon in. He could never be at ease with himself if he left her like that. Cool Lady (let’s call her that, I absolutely love her) even tries to blow up his love bubble but to no avail. Both sign that contract and will accept the scary consequences.

Poor Cool Lady, she’s given up her easy and nice job, apparently. The contracts are signed and we go back to Earth!

Inside Young-soo’s head, it’s still the ahjussi’s voice but we already know the body is completely different. I’d say deliciously different.

He wakes up to take a look at his nice flat and take the call from Maya, aka Cool Lady. We get a better examination of the new body and how he just stares at it, taking slow notice that yes, that’s his body. Every muscle, the abs, the hair (he has more hair now) and his spectacular nakedness. Maya has had a full view of it and laughs at him.

He is more than surprised and happy with the body like a sculpture, Maya explains that body is what he always wanted so there he has, a sharp jaw that almost cuts him. It’s funny how he reacts to his own body. I must admit that if I woke up in Rain’s body, I’d do the same.

With Gi-tak, he realises his body has been upgraded, too. This time, he is a gorgeous woman with a high voice that annoys his brains out. While this happens, Maya explains they need to follow certain rules and fix their situation and then come back. They can come back whenever they want.

Gi-tak regrets it immediately, coming back with a woman’s body, and complains about everything about her, although he does check himself out. Even her ”yah” is whiny and it makes everyone laugh. I mean me, I burst out laughing. So does Maya.

Cool Lady explains the rules for them, they can’t ever reveal their identities, no one can find out who they are and for the time being they have been provided with money for their stay.

They can go into the world now. Poor Gi-tak, she is welcomed to the woman’s world and the killer heels.

Young-soo is still to fascinated with his body and even embarrasses himself in the elevator because he can’t stop contemplating every wonderful attribute God gave him. He’s very thankful to God.

Gi-tak, on the other hand, can’t even walk in those heels and seems to be cursing God with every wobbly step.

Young-soo is complimented by foreign girls and yes, he now knows he’s Mr. Gorgeous, Mr. Handsome… Mr. Sexy. And he accepts that.

Young-soo and Gi-tak bump into each other, Young-soo’s hand ends up on Gi-tak’s bum and they have no idea they are the buddies that jumped together.

Gi-tak has to take the subway and because he is everything but lady-like, he is drawing attention in the train. He spots the newspaper and asks about Song Lee-yeon, getting furious at how the ahjummas (ladies) talk about her and the scandal, that got worse. Gi-tak realises the guy with the newspaper was staring at her cleavage and she punishes him by kicking him in the nuts. She leaves the train with the cleavage fully covered and the guy on the floor, being pitied on.

As soon as she gets off, Maya calls her to tell her to be careful. She’s not supposed to exist in this world and she can’t draw attention. If she gets in troublesome situations, with their smartphones connected to her, they can contact her any moment. Even if they want to go back, they only need to press a button. However, Gi-tak’s biggest concern is that he is supposed to wear the high heels.

One day in purgatory is a month in Earth, so they’ve been dead for a month now. Gi-tak goes to his old restaurant to find it changed, and basically empty. In the new body, he is treated as a costumer but he knows names and he asks to see the boss. Gi-tak goes upstairs to find a group of thugs, realising his precious restaurant was given away, apparently.

So, our guys have two months on Earth to settle their business because that’s when the new train’s coming and they really can’t miss it.

On the bus, Young-soo spots the mall and how they are taking down the banner he tried to fix. He recalls his last moments and realises the world has gone on without him. Sad, but true. Then his attention gets caught by reporters interviewing the Department Manager disregarding his death as suicide. Young-soo tried to give the bribe back, but the Department Manager didn’t allow it and now he’s trying to put it as it was all Young-soo’s idea and fault, suicide to escape that bribery scandal.

Chairman Cha comes out and, as usual, does not say a word as the reporters bomb him with questions. He stops a moment to look at his mall and then gets in the car. Young-soo has been staring intently, getting the attention of the Department Manager and the chairman’s secretary.

He goes inside, telling himself he knew it’d be hard, but he has to continue. And as he walks through the tory, he starts feeling at home. Like usual, he corrects every lady who works there as he always did, in his mind calling their names and wondering if they’ve been all right. The girls come running after him, wondering who that gorgeous man is.

Young-soo then realises Lucia (his store) is back, so at least his race for the director worked. He’s pleased and when he’s leaving, he bumps into someone.

“YEOBO!” (honey) he screams, to then fix it to yeoboseyo (hello? when you answer the phone). Da-hye doesn’t know him so he cannot call her that. He is surprised she’s there, not understanding and feeling sorry that now she is the one working in the store. He feels so sorry towards her, his eyes start tearing up.

Gi-tak, is facing the gangsters trying to find out what happened. But they treat her like a girl who doesn’t deserve their attention and they just want her body. They think she’s a loan shark and tell her Gi-tak died, lost it all for getting involved with Lee-yeo

n and she can’t collet her debt now. When one of the nasty guys tries to kiss her, she plucks her fingers in his nostrils and makes him bleed.

She gets ready to kick their asses, using the moves we saw Gi-tak pull in the train. She nails it! Knocking them all out… until we learn that only happened in her mind. In real life, she can’t throw a punch and makes sound effects that humiliate Gi-tak inside. They laugh at her so she takes her best weapon: the high heels! and threatens him with them, but she’s grabbed and thrown outside.

Sucks to be a woman who isn’t an expert in judo. She is still as tough as Gi-tak, at least verbally, the body just doesn’t know how to move according to the brain’s wishes.

Outside the store, Gi-tak spots one of his punks (staff members, remember?), none of them were inside before. He’s being scolded by another boss so Gi-tak calls his name, or how he calls him: Gil Jae, but he can’t differentiate it’s Gi-tak in the woman’s body talking.

The excuse he uses is that now he, I mean she, is Gi-tak’s younger sister. Gil Jae cries and takes comfort in her body, although it seems his crying is fake and he just wanted to touch her bum and rest in her chest. She flicks him, though, knocking him so hard his forehead is red later. Gi-tak asks for Seung-jae and Gil-jae informs the punk went to work for Na Suk-chul and as body guard or something of Lee-yeon.

This information sent her running, barefoot (because she can’t think of riding the bus or a taxi, apparently) as the flashback of the beating he took for Lee-yeon fills his mind. She runs desperately.

That same flashback is what Lee-yeon is having, struggling in bed with not only that memory, but also the moment she signed the new contract with the agency and met her new boss: Na Suk-chul. She doesn’t recognise him at first, but when he takes off his glasses he shows a big scar under his left eye. He’s one of the guys who threatened her back then and were in the fight with Gi-tak, he got the scar then, and she can’t escape from him now. She tries getting her contract back but he stops her, she’s basically in his hands now. He says he’s just helping an “old friend” and repaying her late father, she doesn’t understand though, and he doesn’t explain further.

In the present, she needs to take medication but her hands are weak and shaky so she drops them and ends up kneeling to pick them up, as she recalls the words from Na Suk-chul telling her it’s her fault Gi-tak died. She sobs on the floor, with Seung-jae outside, stoic, listening to her cry, he doesn’t move. As she cries so hard, Gi-tak is still running to her.

Back in the store, Young-soo watches Da-hye work when Beethoven’s symphony Nº5 plays, which means the fire alarm. He recognises it immediately and tries to take Da-hye away, but she has no reason to follow a stranger. He tells her to listen carefully and she finally understands it’s the fire alarm. He stops a guard to understand what happened, but it was a small accident and nothing really happened.

Young-soo scolds them and doesn’t realise he is now no one to them, so he tries to take a professional attitude and advises her. When she asks him who he is, he fakes a phone call and walks away. The other female employees come running, wanting to know who he is but no one knows. He’s not ordinary people. “Perhaps he is…”

And we go to the higher-ups before we find out their conclusion. They are having a meeting to decide on the new manager, who has been elected and is someone who will clean up and kill them all if necessary. It seems he’s on his way.

We go now to Ew Ex Husband, Chairman Cha and his secretary who keeps talking for him. I wonder if she can read the way he moves the nuts in his hands, it is impressive. Jae-gook talks to the chairman, and she replies, even yells at him. The situation, after the suicide, is complicated for the company and the chairman is very displeased with his son, so she tells the ew Ex Husband to leave it all to that man.

Lee Hae-joon is coming, someone who was abroad, competent and who’s tied to the Cha family, but apparently that cannot be shared.

Good Coworker, Jung Ji-hoon is walking with the Department Manager Sang Sik as they talk about Hae-joon. He is that great of a person and we get a glimpse of him in his first class seat on a plane. The Wizard of Management Consulting. That’s him, incredible. He looks uncannily like Young-soo’s new body.

As they walk through the store, Ji-hoon stops in front of Da-hye, bowing his head and looking worried. He knows she’s Young-soo’s wife and doesn’t agree to get rid of her no matter what.

They run into Young-soo who gets in the way or Department Manager, glaring at him and getting in his personal bubble. Ji-hoon has to stop and ask him what’s wrong, treating him as valued costumer. He wants to complain for the Department Manager’s behaviour, for trying to ignore him and manages to make him bow so deeply in apology. It’s beautiful.

He receives a call from Maya, warning him to be careful, while the other two employees stay commenting on him, whether he’s famous or anything. The department manager thinks he just wanted him to recognise him and then the female employees join, drawing the conclusion he could be the new manager.

Back to ew Ex Husband and the secretary, she comments on the current situation with him and the illegitimate child. She uses an analogy of dogs that got in a fight, the new one with the old one, bloody, ugly, and ultimately explains the chairman picked the one that won. She is telling him that the chairman will chose the son that wins.

Then his kid arrives with a puppy and I GET DISTRACTED WITH THE CUTE FLUFFY PUPPY! The kid is cute, too. BuT PUPPY!

Lee-yeon is frantically calling, trying to get her kid because her ex husband hasn’t sent him back. Seung-jae has to stop her and shows her the pictures that were taken of her and Gi-tak. She’s shocked and understands it’s Ex Husband’s warning her of her situation anyhow to behave.

He finally picks up her call and explains her that he could send those pictures to the media and basically burry her, as a cheating wife and make it all worse, because after all there’s proof this time and people only believe what they see. He’s being disgusting in the way he has so much power over her, I really dislike him. The worst isn’t losing her career, but the possibility of losing her child. She tries to blame Gi-tak death on him but he doesn’t accept it like that, and then informs her won’t see the kid until a few more days. She threatens back to keep the child, she won’t just take it this time.

When they hang up, she goes to slap Seung-jae, angry that he betrayed Gi-tak so easily. He sees it as doing whatever to survive and he shames her for coming to Gi-tak when she needed it. He says ultimately, Gi-tak broke the promise to his family for an unworthy woman.

And right then Gi-tak arrives, stopping them, telling him it’s enough because although it’s accurate, it still hurts to hear it. She acts like Gi-tak but they don’t know her, so they bring her inside and ask her who she is.

They don’t buy she’s his younger sister even if she tries to sell it, with a past story and making it like Gi-tak was trying to protect her from his associations. Seung-jae doesn’t think Gi-tak was that type. Lee-yeon doesn’t see any resemblance in the eyes so it’s really not working.

Gi-tak says she was broad in the States, but when Seung-jae asks what she was studying, she tells him not everyone there goes to study so he should stop assuming, some only go to live there. Then Seung-jae asks Lee-yeon to speak in English (nice accent!) and Gi-Tak snaps to tell them to stop assuming everyone in the States speaks English.

Gi-tak is kicked out the house, and she tries to convince she really is Gi-tak’s sister, saying she knows of his dragon tattoo, but Seung-jae also has one, so is he her brother? I appreciate the look at his bare back. When he’s kicking her out, she starts asking about the pictures and who beat the model, so Lee-yeon asks again who she is.

In the store, Da-hye is having a hard time when she sees a policeman, having flashbacks of when one came to tell her of her husband’s suicide. She is told to take a break for a while and she goes to the storage room. Ji-hoon is walking by and spots her sighing and enduring her aches.

When she’s there, she can see her husband working, carrying a mannequin and being the man he was, which breaks her heart as she misses him so much. Then Ji-hoon offers her a canned coffee and when she doesn’t take it, puts it in her hands as he is called somewhere else.

Her hands wrap around the can as she still struggles. Then she stands up and decides to leave, but someone is coming and to avid getting hit, she bumps into the many boxes behind her. In slow motion, they fall but someone grabs her just in time and pulls her under his cover to protect her from them: Young-soo.

They stare at each other as Maya just realises there’s someone with the exact same looks as Young-soo’s new body. She rhetorically calls for God, asking how this could happen as we finally see the real Wizard of Management Consulting… Lee Hae-joon, played by Rain.

Back to Young-soo and Da-hye, they keep staring at each other as he thinks of how sorry he is to her, how he didn’t tell her enough that and that he loved her. They snap out of it and she starts apologising, wiping away the dust in his suit but he gets annoyed that she is so apologetic and scolds her for that. Yet, there’s a bit more on his suit and he gets closer for her to wipe it. So cute. When he does, he takes a fluff on her uniform, and that startles her, so he puts it back. Stop being so cute!

Ji-hoon arrives then, asking what happened and if they are all right. Young-soo starts giving excuses, acting as if nothing were wrong. They ask him again why he’s there, he isn’t supposed to, then he receives a call and makes it look like he took a wrong turn and walks away. Maya was calling, though.

Back to Gi-tak, she’s talking to Lee-yeon, who’s asking her how she knows about the paparazzi. She says Gi-tak called her that night of the accident, telling her what happened, explaining what really happened, mentioning how Lee-yeon said there was only one person who could help her, and that’s why she (Gi-tak) is there.

Maya is telling Young-soo there’s someone like him, she tries to make it sound like they aren’t exactly the same, but he sees pictures and realises they are exactly alike… and not only that, but Lee Hae-joon is the illegitimate son of Chairman Cha.

The epilogue shows Maya doing her magic to get the plane with the real Lee Hae-joon is coming get in an accident, perhaps? Hope no one dies. She moves with Beethoven’s symphony and the drama that is expected from this music, almost as if she herself were playing as she is manipulating the weather conditions around the plane.


I enjoyed this episode so much! I was funny, it explained a few things and can I just say I cracked up laughing every time I saw Gi-tak struggle with his new body? Oh Yeon Seo's acting is superb, it's clear there's a thug inside who isn't aware how to be a lady. I love it.

I can see the love triangle Da-hye will get in and I'm sure my heart will get broken and shattered and just stepped over. When does that not happen with a K-drama, though?

It's two months for our ahjussis and I worry what happens when they have to come back, I dread that moment because I love them both. I believe this K-drama will be a total rollercoaster but I hope for a happy ending. I'd like to call Maya to ask what she knows about that, kekeke.

I found a very dynamic episode, I didn't even feel the hour passing by, the characters are appealing and the humour was well balanced with the plot. I already have those characters I hate and I'm sure I'll grow to despise them.

What I loved the most, was the puppy! *giggles*

What did you think of the episode and K-drama so far? Are you loving it as much as I do. Good thing the next episode is around the corner. Until then,

Bel, xx

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