And the fourth episode of Come Back, Mister is out! I've titled this recap after my favorite moment, so let's jump into it


Please Come Back, Mister

Starring Rain (Bi) and Oh Yeon Seo

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Han-nah is begging to President Chan, Ji-hoon comes to help and the ew man ends up pushing her to the floor, she crawls to get back the necklace at the feet of Young-soo who is glaring at President Cha. The rage is making him shake and the tension between the men is palpable.

Gi-tak calls then and the man next to President Chan answers. Ah, so the number she memorised was the person the male model was calling to report for Lee-yeon… aahhh! Clever.

The formal introductions are made and President Ew expects Young-soo to bow to him, instead he kneels to make sure Han-na is well. By mentioning her father, she stands up and he puts himself together, although he is still glaring at Ew Ex Husband. Same disgusting man takes a look past Young-soo and sees Lee-yeon smirking before walking away. That’s great.

Young-soo takes Han-na to his office (he has an office!) and she tells him there’s no way she can believe her appa committed suicide, not when he was planning the surprise for her omma. She is certain he would’ve never left her behind. He is touched she is the only one who actually seems to know him. They agree to keep the necklace not to make her omma too sad.

Da-hye arrives then and starts scolding Han-na severely, shaking her and Young-soo has to step in to stop her from hurting the kid. While being in his arms, Han-na starts crying and apologising, going to her arms and then the two cry hugging each other, apologising mutually. Young-soo can only watch. How horrible it must feel seeing your family like that but not being able to comfort them? How heartbreaking?

At night, he’s at the rooftop with a lost look when Gi-tak arrives. She reports her hypothesis was correct. She’s all glad he’s the Branch Manager now, it’s a solid backup. Instead of answering, Young-soo tells him that’s the exact spot where he took he last breath.

After a closeup, we get back our ahjussis talking. Young-soo doesn’t remember if it was painful or if he was scared, and Gi-tak is sure he must’ve been, like he was. Young-soo, however, is scared now. All those things, he feels them now but he is also determined to find the truth so her family won’t cry again. Gi-tak says they have a long way ahead and wonders if the world was this beautiful when they were alive. Then slowly, we get back the new bodies.

Young-soo takes Da-hye and Han-na to their home, grabbing the little girl in his arms and walking inside to put her in her bed. He can’t help showings adoration for the little girl, touching her reverently while Da-hye watches. Then Abeoji comes, not recognising him at first. He invites Young-soo to have a meal again and only refers to him as Loan Collector.

Outside, Young-soo asks Da-hye is she also believes that it was suicide. Despite that was what they told her, he urges her to answer if that’s what she really thinks. She says who cares? The dead cannot talk after all.

In the car, Young-soo muses how that is so funny, considering he is talking and he’s dead.

Scene changes and it’s Gi-tak in a staring contest with Seung-jae. When we get the full picture, however, we see it’s the man just holding her in place with a finger on her forehead. He’s blocking her path. She’s come there again, saying she doesn’t have a place to sleep. He tells her to go before things get unsavoury, but she shoots back by throwing at him his circumcision. That makes him cringe and she uses the chance to walk, but comes back to remind him that Gi-tak said out of all the people he always knew Seung-jae would never betray him. She finally walks in after leaving him shocked.

Inside, Suk-chul is giving Lee-yeon a hard time regarding the scandal, telling her that she should be more grateful of the man who feeds her and clothes her. He throws at her the pictures (which she immediately hides) when Gi-tae walks in, throwing a fit of rage at his presence. Seung-jae covers for her, saying she’s his little sister who comes to help in the house. Holding her rage, she offers a cup of coffee.

While watching how Suk-chul is telling Lee-yeon to just accept the offers where she has to be nude, Gi-tak is pouring salt in the coffee. He actually finds it delicious. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT MAN?! Ew people have ew taste.

Lee-yeon promises that she’ll earn enough money to escape them, but Suk-chul just smirks at her. That ain’t happening, uh?

He leaves and Lee-yeon goes immediately to drink. Gi-tak tries to stop her because she’s drinking too much, and she asks her if she’s that broken to her. Gi-tak says at least she’s not unrecognisable. Lee-yeon starts worrying about how she’s gained some weight (well, if you drink so much it’s unavoidable, alcohol has so many calories) and eventually asks for Gi-tak’s name. She takes a look around and spots the cup of coffee she gave Suk-chul and replies, Hong-nan (which means orchid). Lee-yeon muses what a pretty name, which is. The female body finally has a name!

Lee-yeon asks Hong-nan to leave and never meet again, she wants to forget all about Gi-tak, as if he never existed. She offers to pay her back for all that Gi-tak did, but as of right now, she just wants to live a quiet life. Hang-nan doesn’t take it easily, and doesn’t leave until Lee-yeon screams and throws the glass against the wall, only then she seems to react and walks away. Before exiting, she murmurs how it’s too late to pay back to the dead. Lee-yeon is left bawling and Seung-jae just watches her.

Outside, Hong-nan is about to cry, her eyes tearing up and she stops Seung-jae that’s come out before he sees her. She admits she shouldn’t have come and walks away, slowly (but quite well to be on heels. Well done!) and Seung-jae just watches her.

Then we have ew scene. How can a grown-up man throw a fit because people didn’t “show their respect.” I hate him.

Young-soo as Hae-joon is seeing the chairman as he goes over papers moving the walnuts in his hands. When they make eye-contact, Hae-joon bows deeply and energetically to greet him and then apologise to President Cha. Chairman only nods his head before taking a look to the telepathic secretary (I’m going to call her that) who takes a breath and then barks: “Make sure you increase Sunjin’s profits130% within two months. And you’ll be busy starting tomorrow so go home and rest!” He is as impressed as everyone.

Outside, President Ew, I mean President Cha, tells him to stop the act and just leave, to go back to the States, he’ll take care he doesn’t need anything. The store is doomed to close anyway, and he’s angry, after all he died for that store. As Hae-joon, he takes it as giving it his best shot and if it doesn’t work, then he’ll talk to President Cha. Then leaves. It’s cute how he bows back to all the employees

In the crowed street, Hong-nan is struggling whether to stay or not, and as the ahujissi, we also see him struggling and not also that, but he is hungry as well and has no money. Hong-nan remembers what Maya said about just pressing a key to contact her but before she does, Maya’s calling, wondering if she wants to come back. They bicker and I just love Maya and how desperate she is to get them back.

Hong-nan goes up some stairs that lead her to Gi-tak’s house. As she’s there, she’s can see himself training or with his punks and she’s filled with nostalgia, a teary smile is all that’s left. As she recalls the words Lee-yeon said, we get a flashback when Gi-tak was watching a billboard with her on it and now she watches one with a different actress.

She walks inside the house and everything is the same, the pictures, the books, even the hidden picture of Lee-yeon. She then watches a film saying the words out loud about doing it all for a girl who left him. She’s all emotional when the passcode is being entered so she rushes to grab her things and hide in the closet.

It’s Suk-chul who comes there to drink and talking alone, although he is kind of talking to Gi-tak, putting his face over his on the mug and just laughing. Hong-nan is watching with rage in her eyes. When Suk-chul finally notices the lights were on these suddenly go off and won’t come on again, so Hong-nan uses that chance to play ghost to get out of the closet. Suk-chul literally passes out and I can’t stop laughing.

Hong-nan makes a run and when she’s out, a gloved hand grabs her and takes her away. She imagines herself getting rid of the man but when she tries, it doesn’t work, her fits of steel fail her. The man is trying to hold her but she bites him, like a woman, and Gi-tak, the man among men, is mortified inside.

The man takes off the mask and it’s Seung-jae who followed her. We see he was always behind, shaking his head at her crazy antics. He was the one who turned the power off in the house. He is trying to tell her to stay out of trouble, to leave, but she says she can’t and leave him behind. She grabs his cheeks and treats him as a kid but he just gets her wrist and in the push and pull, they end up really close. That proximity makes him so nervous and he pushes her. She laughs at how he acts, teasing him and he is still nervous. How adorable!

Suk-chul come out then, screaming about a ghost and he takes her wrist and they run together. He leads her to the grave they gave to Gi-tak, and just like with Young-soo (but with less tears and no sobbing) she finally accepts it happened. Seung-jae says he can’t just ignore her and let her get in trouble, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to face Gi-tak later. She tries to tell him it was an accident, it was good he wasn’t there. He finally confesses his motives to stay so still, that way no one will suspect him and he’ll find out the truth.

Young-soo is taken to the home that was supposed to Hae-joon and it’s such an amazing house, a mansion! He starts celebrating, jumping and such. He even discovers the lights go off with a clap and seems amused with it, until Gi-tak calls. She doesn’t have a place to stay and she comes reeking of alcohol. Once inside, she’s grabs him by the lapels and shakes him because Lee-yeon wants to forget about him.

Then she recalls Seung-jae and what he said, how he cried and she starts crying too, but she doesn’t understand that. Is it raining? She is just crying in front of him, not knowing what to do, would she go back? He is wiping her tears and when she’s being too cute he just pushes her away. The thud makes the lights go off and every time he slaps her face, the lights go on-ff. Haha.

When he wakes up and marvels how he’s handsome any moment, he also finds a bra in his bed. Luckily, it is only that. However, when he’s having peaceful coffee by the window, Hong-nan comes stark naked and he gets a full view of her.

He’s at the mall, being smiley and making all the female employees melt and fangirl. He’s got an all see-through office and is posing for the female employees while Manager Ma comes with coffee. I can’t stop laughing, he’s making the old man’s life very hard with just nuisances. He makes him run errands and is kind to the female employees, giving them fan service.

Then Hong-nan arrives and they hug tightly, which Manager Ma reports to President Cha. Young-soo, keep giving that man hell, he’s pitiful and a spy.

Hae-joon takes Hong-nan shopping and has to stop her from picking the kind of clothes Gi-tak would’ve worn. He finally drags her to meet his wife, Da-hye, to whom he asks for help to dress Hong-nan. Hong-nan congratulates him for the beautiful wife and understands why he wanted to come back so desperately. Hae-joon looks smug, hehe.

Hong-nan looks so amazing in the little black dress and so he buys it, with many other things, using his black card with no limit. He spends near 10 million won and as someone who’s never had such amount, he’s still reluctant to hand in the card. They walk away and he carries the bags as if they weighted tons.

Hong-nan stills walks as if something were bothering between the legs, maybe something she doesn’t have now. So Hae-joon is teaching him how to pose.

A person walks in front of the camera and we get the ahjussis posing and me laughing at the background. Then someone else walks by again and it’s the new bodies again, still posting with all the people watching how ridiculous they look. She then sees a camera and uses ageyo to get them, but Hae-joon just pushes her. All cuteness gone. Ha.

Lee-yeon is going to visit some PD, apparently one that she’s known for a long time. He’s avoiding her but he comes out and tries to explain the director didn’t want her and he had someone else in mind, Blah, blah excuses, in reality he was talking to another actress who just looks down on her. Lee-yeon then grabs him by the lapels and pushes him inside, begging for a role, any role, she just needs a job. Sadly, the sponsor she has is involved everywhere, Sunjin Group doesn’t want her to work. She looks like she’s going to take her rage on him when Seung-jae comes with the phone. It’s the director and he wants to see he; for an actress, she fails at making it look like she’s making him a favour by going.

Manager Ma is reporting agent to President Cha of Hae-joon’s odd behaviour, like when peeing. Oh God, I lose my head laughing here at how he just brags how he can pee without hands to assist him. All the men look at him impressed. I don’t know how to put this nicely but I’m just laughing too much. President Cha looks down on him, thinking he’s someone easy to take care of.

Then they are in a meeting and Hae-joon continues messing with Manager Ma a bit before jumping into the meeting. He also learnt the nice coworker Jung Ji-hoon was promoted to manager.

The meeting starts. He brings Young-soo’s death and how everyone just assumed it was suicide without further investigation because the circumstances pointed that. Hae-joon is making sure to tell everyone that the only way to improve the store, is getting rid of what’s rotten inside. There’s more to Young-soo’s death and he’s determined to find that out.

Hae-joon shows different clips with testimonies of people who saw him before dying, the director, the taxi driver and security guard. The two first ones point out it isn’t likely he killed himself, he looked ill and he begged for the chance, he got the opportunity for Lucia. The guard after the accident quit and doesn’t want to talk, which is very odd.

As he is dissecting the testimony, Hong-nan sends him pictures with the new camera (ah, he bought it for her) which include the CCTV from there. Oh… it’s broken. Hmm, that looks very suspicious.

Da-hye and another female employee come in the meeting room to deliver water during this small break, before Hae-joon continues making people see how the suicide doesn’t look so much like suicide. Da-hye is with her head low and loses her cool, dropping the glass, her hands shaking and eyes teary as he continues explaining how a man who worked that hard, who did all what he did (he is using the words the man from the Purgatory Station told him when he was convincing him he didn’t kill himself) wasn’t someone who would kill himself. He brings up work conditions and ends up yelling that the company is part responsible for his death and should compensate the family. He looks at Da-hye at that moment.

President Cha claps then and asks how, if the company is responsible, Da-hye can be working there, which means she has no doubt it was suicide. He is using her against Hae-joon.

The epilogue shows the real Hae-joon, shirtless (thank you, God) trying to keep the pilot alive, who seems to struggle with hypothermia. So he is warming him up, skin-to-skin until he wakes up and ask him who he is. Don’t tell me he as amnesia now. Oh boy, they’ll stay there forever.


This episode had a lot of emotive moments, where our main characters dealt with the struggle of being dead and not being able to comfort their loved ones, to help them more directly. I am glad they have each other, their comradeship is a blessing for them both. I love their interactions and how they treat each other, it always cracks me up.

I know Young-soo doesn't have the same experience the real Have-joon, but he knows the store so I hope he can do a good job and just GET RID OG PRESIDENT EW! I really hate him

I am thinking… why is Da-hye working for the store? The way she reacted, she looked almost guilty. Could there be more behind that? A way to cover that death even more? I guess we'll find out. Your hypothesis?

My favourite part was when Young-soo was teaching Gi-tak how to get the best out of her body a pd how to pose. The perfect Z-shape. I love those two, and I love that at times we see the old bodies when they are struggling, knowing it's really them there.

Let me hear your thoughts! I'll see you all for the next episode.
Bel, xx

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