Episode 5 of PCBM (Please Come Back, Mister) has arrived, and it's time to recap it. Are we ready? 


Please Come Back, Mister

Starring Rain (Bi) and Oh Yeon Seo

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It begins with Ew Ex Husband clapping, remember how episode 4 ended? Using Da-hye to backfire his own speech against him. Then more men from the board start trying to make it look a lot like a suicide. Manager Ma brings up the necklace, saying it had to come from the bribe, but Ji-hoon explains Young-soo used the employee discount and 10 instalments to pay for it. Hae-joon continues shouting at them, trying to make everyone doubt it was a suicide.

Finally, Ji-hoon asks to stop because it’s too much in front of Da-hye. The meeting is over, she runs out. Outside, Young-soo watches how Ji-hoon comforts her and he can’t step forward. President Cha comes then, telling him that the people there just want to get paid, they don’t care how that happened. He should know better, people only want to survive.

Then we go to the set where Lee-yeon is talking to the director. She was offered a small role, not the lead actress, just a supporting one, two scenes. She accepts it, but it’s hard, she doesn’t even have where to get her makeup done, she has to use the public bathroom.

Back to the store, Da-hye seems in a trance when Hae-joon approaches her, trying to talk to her in private but she’s hurt and won’t go anywhere with him. She feels he stomped over her feelings. She asks him if he’s ever lost a family, but well, his type only care about money and have no decency towards others. She leaves him there, feeling guilty.

Back to set! The young actress is humiliating Lee-yeon, and although it seems to real, they are just acting and it seems this young actress is enjoying it too much. Lee-yeon warns her that if she plans to sleep her way into Sunjin, she better stop, she’ll end up just like Lee-yeon did.

Lee-yeon walks away, trying to look dignified but she’s just holding it in. When she makes it into the bathroom, she drinks (is she becoming alcoholic?) and cries. When she hears footsteps she tries to muffle her sobbing, but it’s Hong-nan. She breaks down drying and Hong-nan hands her some toilet paper and starts singing, to drown the sound of her crying so no one else will hear. Seung-jae is outside, stopping everyone from coming in.

Once she’s calmed, Hong-nan is trying to help her get ready and as they talk, they talk about Gi-tak and seem to be doing better. Then Hong-nan is the one to tell her to be strong, she can’t break down because a young actress steps on her a bit. She’s Song Lee-yeon and she endures all what that young actress is doing, messing up on purpose and such.

If I were the director, I’d fire her. She’s so unprofessional and needs too many takes. I think they all realise what she’s doing.

Hong-nan is about to go and kick her ass when they finally do the take. The team comes to help the actress but Hong-nan takes the chair, the girl falls (HA! enjoy that) and gives it to Lee-yeon. She’s the biggest cheerleader, it’s cute.

At the store, Da-hye is in the stairs when Hae-joon finds her and tries to talk to her, but she doesn’t want to and starts running away. She ends up at the rooftop but doesn’t want to see, so Hae-joon forces her to watch exactly where he fell from. He tries to make her be stronger. She breaks down and asks why he had to die. He apologises and with a soft voice, tells her he’ll have that answer for her, she just has to wait a bit. He also finally gives her the necklace in a pretty box that he had to get because that’s not how Han-na got it.

Jae-gil! He’s complaining because he can’t get the right taste when Seung-jae calls his name. At first, he gets angry and pushes him, but ends up hugging him because brotherhood! But then he spots Hong-nan and Lee-yeon and all brotherhood is gone, it’s ladies time.

He makes food for them, but apparently the taste is horrid. The only one who can eat it is Lee-yeon, just because she’s too hungry to taste anything.

Hong-nan goes to the kitchen and starts working, both Jae-gil and Seung-jae are impressed she has the same skills as Gi-tak (Well, that's because they are the same. At least he didn’t lose that skill when he came back). It tastes exactly the same.

She then remembers the night Young-soo and Da-hye went there to have dinner, and realises just how twisted their destinies were.

Da-hye is at home, putting the necklace in its box when this falls and she founds a little card inside. It’s from Young-soo, telling her he loves her and is sorry for all he makes her go through. As she reads, she starts crying and then we see he wrote that… but after he came back, with Hae-joon’s body. Isn’t that cheating, though? He didn’t write it when he got the necklace. However, it does have the desired effect on her.

Hae-joon comes to visit her to give her many of the clothes he bought for Hong-nan, saying she doesn’t want them. She doesn’t want to accept them but he kind of forces her to. When he’s walking away, after just pushing the bags onto her, she makes him stop and tells him about the card she found, saying how she knows she’s sure he wrote it. He reaches out to cup her face and then hugs her.

This looks really odd… like she wouldn’t cry with him or hug him back. Something is off.

And I’m right, because he was just imagining that (HAHAHA!)

Lee-yeon finally gets the food and as she does, Jae-gil tells her about Dae-hye the day they died, how she was just waiting, he was even taking pictures because he knew something was off. And he was right (jus like me), she met another man.


Hong-nan calls Hae-joon (I love that she calls him Yeobo (honey)) to tell him that Da-hye met another man. At the same time, he sees Ji-hoon arriving to the house. We see through the pictures Jae-gil took that Ji-hoon was the man she met that day and now he’s hugging Da-hye.

HOLY SHOOT! She was cheating?!

Hae-joon comes to attack Ji-hoon, blowing a tantrum because they were cheating on him, betraying him like that. He really throws a tantrum, jumping on the bonnet and kinda humping it. It’s disturbing. And it’s a fantasy, once again.

When Lee-yeon is leaving, she receives a call from Director Bong, who was meeting with Director Gu. He is pleased to see Lee-yeon and Hong-nan seems actually jealous. The director is showing her a great script, and she thinks he’s offering her a cameo but nope, the director wants her as a lead. It’s only her who can play that role.

Hong-nan doesn’t believe it, thinks he’s a con-artist, but the director has been watching her, how she endured the humiliation of that day. This director is one that made her into a Hallyu star and he’ll do it again, she need to trust him. Hong-nan apologises for not knowing, even kneeling and doing a very awkward joke.

The news need to be kept secret until the director makes the official announcement, and she’s just too happy, doing her celebration dance inside the van. It’s adorable.

Hae-joon is at the river, a melancholy music plays in the background, he’s crying and he tries to jump. Hold on, doesn’t he just need to press a button if he wants to go back? Hong-nan arrives right in time to stop him, and tries to make it better, but no, he knows she was cheating on him now.

Maya appears then! Maya is here! Yay! She offers them to come back, but Hong-nan is just telling her to go. However, before that, she needs to remind them that they can’t be discovered but above all: THEY CANNOT GET REVENGE! Although, that’s all Young-soo wants now.

Hold on a minute… is he crawling on the floor while Hong-nan and Maya argue?

These two are crazy. I love them.

They go home to drink and talk. He tells how the rumours of those two together were back then but he didn’t think about it. How he managed to get her? He saw her one day looking sad, thought it was heartbreak and made his move. He cries, cries and laughs at the same time, tries to convince himself she wouldn’t cheat on him, want stop confirm but he can’t.

Hong-nan makes it worse, really, and tells him that he pretty much got in the way of them, intercepting when she was weaker. As they are on that, a hand steals the chicken she was going to it. Then a hand steals the bottle of soju he was drinking.

IT WAS MAYA! (she’s my fave)

At home, Da-hye is going through things she had in a box, like his calendar that marked their wedding anniversary as such an important event (just saying, but how can you believe it was suicide when you have that?). Then we see what she talked to Ji-hoon, how now after reading that card, she believes it wasn’t suicide, because someone who wrote that wouldn’t kill himself. Ji-hoon tells her he wants to believe the same, but he urges her to stop or she’ll hurt herself and her family further. Did she really think he killed himself? Jinjja jinjja?

She puts the card in the box with the other things and goes to bed with Han-na, cuddling her and falling asleep together.

The next day, all the employees greet the important people. Da-hye recalls what Hae-joon told her at the rooftop. As Manager Ma is telling Hae-joon about the meeting, he notices Da-hye mouthing and then looks back and realises she mouthing to Ji-hoon.

Jealousy kicks in and he even pushes President Cha (ha, I love that) just to humiliate her for her appearance, calling her ahjumma and so. He’s so angry and while the other employees fan over him, he recalls he once was done the same thing at hands of President Cha. He feels bad for a second, but then tells himself she cheated on him.

President Cha catches up to him and Hae-joon glares at him. I love how scandalised he is.

They are in a meeting again, with Chairman Cha. Ji-hoon is explaining the fashion show and everyone seems pleased with him, but Hae-joon bursts out he can’t trust him and never will. He tries to get out of that slip and then Telepathic Secretary speaks for the Chairman, declaring Hae-joon will be in charge of the fashion show, not President Cha. When he tries to protest, the chairman just coughs and turns his back on him. Case closed.

As he’s in charge of the fashion show now, he needs to work with Ji-hoon. While this is explaining many things, he’s just wondering in his head about the affair. Then Ji-hoon mentions how his car was at Da-hye's home and gives him back the bags he gave Da-hye. Hae-joon defies him, calling him for having an affair with Young-soo’s wife. He doesn’t reply immediately, it’s just silence and then he clicks his tongue, mumbling how he’s now stalking his employees. Ji-hoon says it’s a misunderstanding. He threatens Ji-hoon and even asks for evidence that they haven’t been together all this time. He admits they had something, but it’s not what he thinks now.

The hatred is clear there. When Manager Ma comes in, Hae-joon asks him to transfer his position for Manager Jung, so now he’ll be the following dog.

Lee-yeon is acting cocky and telling Suk-chul she scored the drama herself and that she won’t be depending on him anymore, or Ew Ex Husband’s money. She even stops Hong-nan from drinking the water, because it belongs to him. Suk-chul shares his little expectations, to see how she escapes this… cage she’s in.

For a grownup woman, she’s acting really childish, not even wanting to breathe the air that comes from his air purifier. Then, she gives Hong-nan the job of her manager, making it almost look she’s giving her another chance in live (how ironic, uh?). She’s reminding me of another diva actress from another drama… *winks* That’s right, My Love From Another Star.

At the store, Hae-joon bumps into Da-hye but when he realises it’s her, he’s all mean again. He doesn’t even let Ji-hoon help her and scowls to himself.

The things Da-hye was carrying, were Young-soo’s belongings and as she takes them to her locker, she finds snacks wraps, recalling how she scolded him before because of that. She even sees him, like a ghost, eating one of those snacks while working. Her eyes tear up but then she is called and she has to go back to work.

Hae-joon and Ji-hoon are looking at the CCTV, trying to find one that helps to clear up it wasn’t a suicide, but the cameras were messed up. On the screens, they caught Da-hye sinking in a crouch because her legs hurt, and the manager of that brand gets called to scold her for that. She scolds Da-hye.

Hae-joon and Ji-hoon come then, seeing her being scolded and he looks conflicted, but when he sees the way Ji-hoon is watching her, he gets angry again.

And that’s how he starts tormenting her, getting in her way, acting like a kid.

On the other hand, Lee-yeon is labelling everything that belongs to Ew Ex husband, even Seung-jae, who claims he belongs to himself and he works next to her until President Na fires him. Then she’s nagging at Hong-nan for eating. Oh yeah, Lee-yeon is dragging Hong-nan with her on her diet and exercise. Yes, my dear Gi-tak, running with boobs hurts. Now you know.

Hae-joon and Ji-hoon keep looking for any CCTV that can helps them. Lee-yeon is making Hong-nan exercise, although it looks more like torture.

When Hae-joon and Ji-hoon are still working, the latter accidentally takes apiece of Hae-joon’s kimbap. Hae-joon asks him if he always covet what doesn’t belong to him and makes him give back the piece… that he eats! That’s beyond indirect kiss, and it’s disgusting.

Lee-yeon is having Hong-nan putting cucumbers on her legs while she reads the script, and Hong-nan seems really happy to be near those legs. Although not so happy when she forces her to eat less.

For a meeting, Hae-joon asks Ji-hoon, after introducing himself from the Strategy Planning Department, if that’s the place where he plans how to steal other women. This is so childish, I can’t stop laughing.

Hong-nan is sulking because she’s so hungry, but all that there’s in the fridge are cucumbers! As she’s at that, Lee-yeon shows up, saying she knows it’s him. Did she recognise him? For real? She keeps saying she really knows who he is, he couldn’t deceive her and cups her face. Hong-nan gets dragged in and then Lee-yeon starts leaning, going for the kiss. Will Hong-nan's mouth betray her again?

But Lee-yeon stops right there. She was indeed acting! Who writes these scripts? They are too fitting for their situations.

Hong-nan is ranting to Hae-joon for how Lee-yeon is acting. When they mention his situation and how he’s giving hell to the employees, she scolds him for being like that when he knows better.

Da-hye finds Young-soo’s phone in Han-na’s hands, taking it with her the next day. As she goes to work, Hae-joon seems to find a camera that helps, and Da-hye finds some text that makes no sense, about delivering a package.

Hae-joon and Ji-hoon go to get that CCTV, and when they don’t want to give it, Ji-hoon pulls a card and acts as a lawyer. It scares them, so they hand the CCTV footage, although he was just bluffing, not even knowing if it’d work.

Da-hye keeps staring at that text, that dates from a day after Young-soo died. Another coworker is nagging her for not paying attention when Hae-joon and Ji-hoon come. Hae-joon steps up to scold her and give her some hell again, but when Ji-hoon tries to make him stop, it makes it all worse and his nagging is annoying. Da-hye loses it then and screams at him, surprising it all. Young-soo inside Hae-joon doesn’t even recognise her anymore.

In the stairs, she continues staring the phone when other female employees say they don’t want to eat in the break room anymore because there are rumours of ghosts. Young-soo’s ghost perhaps, now that Da-hye is around?

Hae-joon makes them stop and they run before getting caught. When Da-hye is trying to leave, he stops her, telling her to cease being scared. Isn’t she angry? Of course she is, but she doesn’t understand why he’s doing that to her. She asks what she did wrong and he finally asks her what she’s been doing all this time. Thinking her husband was the type who could kill himself? That he was that weak? It just is confirmation she didn’t know her husband really well… and that’s why he hates.


I did enjoy this episode. I think the K-drama itself has a good balance between the drama and the comedy. I particularly enjoyed all the childishness, because of the jealousy and ranting. It is amusing even though it's supposed to be mean or annoying. Lee-yeon annoyed me in this episode, though. I think it's how her voice changes, getting more nasal when she's throwing tantrums.

My favourite scenes were when Hong-nan was singing to cover Lee-yeon's crying. I thought that was so kind but also… brutish of her? It's like Gi-tak and that's wonderful. Aside her horror singing. Per usual, I loved all her interactions with Hae-joon, especially every time she calls him yeobo. I love it so much! What were your favourite parts?

I'm curious to know why Ji-hoon met Da-hye that day. Was it planned? Were they really cheating? I can't be sure about that, but there must be something there, and I can't wait to find out.

I really want to know how's making sure that Young-soo's death looks like suicide. There's someone behind and it's likely that it's President Cha, but why? Because of the bribe? Does suicide make them look better than an accident? There has to be something more there, don't you think?

For this episode I missed the epilogue, what the real Hae-joon is doing with the pilot to survive. It's like an episode of Law of the Jungle.

I'm looking forward the next episode and what new things we'll find out. Hae-joon and Ji-hoon make a good team and they'll find out the truth. Or that I hope.

Until then!
Bel, xx

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