Rain's comeback drama Come Back, Mister is coming to DramaFever in just one week, and its new character poster and stills give us a glimpse of the fun, and complicated, body swap theme! Here are four of the main characters played by six different actors (confusing, I know!).  

1. Kim In Kwon, a middle-aged manager who dies of overwork one day and returns to earth to possess Rain's body.

2. Rain, the sexy man who has Kim In Kwon's soul inside his body.

3. Kim Soo Ro, a former mob boss-turned-chef, who also dies and ends up in Oh Yeon Seo's hot body.

4. Oh Yeon Seo, who has Kim Soo Ro‘s soul in her body.

5. Lee Min Jung, Kim In Kwon (Rain)'s sweet and confused wife he left behind. 

6. Honey Lee, who helps the two men navigate their new lives. 

And here is the teaser showing everyone in action:

Doesn't it look fun? 

Come Back, Mister is being led by the PD of Rooftop Prince and the writer of 200-Pound Beauty, so it's sure to be hilarious and touching at the same time! Add it to your queue now so that you don't miss the February 24 premiere!


Please Come Back, Mister

Starring Rain (Bi) and Oh Yeon Seo

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