It’s not an exaggeration to say comedian Kim Joon Ho is the most hilarious man in South Korea today. From grandmother to king, every role he takes and all the catch phrases he invents in Gag Concert is a huge success. Recently, Kim Joon Ho appeared on the TV show Do Dream, and shared the hilarious story of how he met his wife. The summary of his story is something like this:

The first time he saw his wife was on the street of Daehangno, where all young people hang out. His wife looked so beautiful to him that he decided to just stalk her, and he stalked her into a coffee shop. Whenever his wife made eye contact with him, he tried to look arrogant but it only made her laugh. And only two days after they met for the first time, Kim Joon Ho suggested that he meet her parents. She, of course, declined it the first time. Only after one and a half years of following her around could he get her permission to marry her.

What do you think of this love story? Is it funny or creepy?