Just in time for the holidays, we have a short and sweet DramaFever original mini drama that will warm your heart and transport you to the other side of the world! In Oh My Grace, an aimless American girl magically wakes up in South Korea, where she meets a handsome boutique owner and an aspiring idol who each pull her heart in different directions as she tries to find her own.


Feeling like the epitome of failure, recent college graduate Grace (Grace Subervi) drunkenly stumbles her way through New York City, making her way to, and eventually into, the Hudson River. Upon awakening, she finds herself in another world — or rather, another country: South Korea. Her troubles only worsen when she literally bumps into Kyung Hwan (Kyung Hwan Kim), a wealthy boutique owner with little patience to spare. Through Kyung Hwan, she meets aspiring K-pop idol, David (David Shin), and soon finds both men tugging at her emotions as she tries to adapt to her new lifestyle. Though completely lost in every sense of the word, Grace determinedly strives to find herself again, but love may just find her along the way. Follow her dream-like journey in “Oh My Grace,” DramaFever’s first ever original drama series!


Oh My Grace premieres on December 8th, only on DramaFever!

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Oh My Grace

Starring Grace Subervi and Kim Kyung Hwan

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