What does an ideal December look like? All you need is endless bowls of ramen, hot tea and fluffy socks to keep you company, as you spend the wintry nights cuddling up to to a brand new drama! Cue in Father, I'll Take Care of You, a brand new 50-episode drama starring Kim Jae WonHwajung)Park Eun Bin (Age of Youth), Lee Tae Hwan (High School King of Savvy), and Lee Soo Kyung (Dae Mul), who prove that maturity is not about being able to take care of yourself, but about being able to take care of each other. Take a look!


Han Hyung Sub (Hwajung actor Kim Chang Wan) and Moon Jung Ae (Producer alum Kim Hye Ok) managed to get all their children settled into their lives and are now dreaming of living a blissful, simple life together. Unfortunately, before they can finally put their feet up and live the carefree retired life they have worked towards, all of their immensely self-centered children decide to move back home. However, there’s just one problem: the children aren’t exactly children, and that is upsetting to the parents who thought they were done spoon-feeding the brat patrol. The returning scion entourage includes the youngest, surprisingly successful and only bachelor of the group Han Sung Joon (Lee Tae Hwan), the patriarch’s niece and tarot card reading café owner Han Jung Eun (Lee Soo Kyung), the eldest son Han Sung Hoon (Wanted alum Lee Seung Joon), and Han Sung Shik (Hwan Dong Joo from Doctor Stranger). And, as if an entire group of people moving in with their families wasn’t enough of a mess, living opposite the Han household is Lee Hyun Woo (Kim Jae Won), a neighbor with a mysterious past and tremendous wealth who looks intently on the family every single day and waits for the moment to take his revenge. And, as if to only compound the family’s problems, the neighborhood also houses Oh Dong Hee (Park Eun Bin), an assistant writer bound by her slave-like contract and living in the shadow of her disreputable brother. With so many characters of competing ambition and equally competing selfishness, can the old couple find a few moments in the sun and finally teach their children the value of family?



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Father, I'll Take Care of You

Starring Kim Jae Won and Park Eun Bin

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