AaronYanGuoXueFu Guo Xue Fu is part of the Taiwanese girl group Dream Girls, along with Office GirlsTia Li. They were both in Miss Rose together too! In Guo Xue Fu's upcoming Taiwanese Drama tentatively titled You Will Fall in Love With Me, the actress will be working with Aaron Yan, who is a highly successful pop singer from Taiwan. Rumors say that the drama will be centered around an office romance between the two. The theme song for Subsitute Princess features Guo Xue Fu, Tia Li and other bandmate Emily Song. Listen to it below: And if you want to hear Aaron Yan, here's his MV  for "You May Still Love Me": Aaron shared the news on his Facebook Fanpage  AaronYan Guo Xue Fu has been becoming more and more popular recently, and fans are excited to see her play the lead with Aaron Yan this time. GuoXueFu Are you interested in the series? Stay tuned! (source: www.facebook.com, tw.twent.chinayes.com)