Movie nights are going strong on DramaFever. After last week's double whammy, The Last Women Standing and So Young 2: Never Gone we are bringing you another feature film that is sure to steal your heart! Starring Gao Yuanyuan (Ocean Heaven), Ivy Chen (Skip Beat)Liu Tao (Nirvana in Fire) and model Bea Hayden the film is an ensemble romance about four women and their struggle to settle down in life. Take a look!


Wenwen (Gao Yuanyuan) owns a bridal boutique and has seen many women walk down the aisle, but hasn’t yet found her own soul mate, in spite of her wedding designer Old Chen (1911 actor Jiang Wu) having hosted a flame for her for years. Lei Xiao (Ivy Chen) works in an airport and has reached a breaking point of sorts with her pilot boyfriend Ling Xiao (Ryan Cheng from Running Man International Movie) because he cares for her but still refuses to commit and does not tie the knot. Violinist Yi Wen (Bea Hayden) takes a trip overseas before her wedding day and is now struggling to follow through with her engagement after meeting handsome Chinese-Italian tour guide Marco (Li Chen). And successful hotel manager Hai Xin (Liu Tao) finds herself in a game of professional tug-of-war, with her unexpected pregnancy interfering with the latest and lucrative job offer that requires a three-year commitment and leaves little room for starting a family with her buffoonish-but-sweet husband, Dapeng (comedian Wang Zijian). With their relationships tested and their patience wearing thin, these four women head into their next Qixi Festival (a Chinese festival similar to Valentine’s Day) in a position where their lives are more hectic than ever, and with all of them nearing the tipping point around that one crucial question: is marriage really the solution to all the problems that pop up in trying to find love?



Doesn't it look like a fun movie?

Let's Get Married premieres on DramaFever on December 2nd. Add it to your watchlist now! 


Let's Get Married (Film)

Starring Gao Yuanyuan and Ivy Chen

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