In upcoming action thriller  Lookout, an unlikely group of misfits comes together to seek justice and overcome their pain of having lost their loved ones to crime. Can the vigilantes, played by Lee Shi YoungKim Young Kwang (Sweet Stranger and Me), Kim Tae Hoon (One More Happy Ending), Kim Seul Gi (Oh My Ghostess), and SHINEE’s Key (Let's Drink), work together to overcome Korea's corrupt system and find justice for their loved ones? 


When a police investigator (Lee Shi Young)'s daughter is brutally murdered, and the case to identify the killer slips through the cracks, she decides to join forces with a group of vigilantes, including an ambitious lawyer (Kim Young Kwang), a genius hacker (SHINEE’s Key), a righteous lawyer (Kim Tae Hoon), and a shy hermit (Kim Seul Gi), who all decide to take on the corruption of South Korea's justice system due to their own tragic pasts.



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Starring Lee Si Young and Kim Young Kwang

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