Have you ever wished you could go back in time to change the outcome of your life? In the new Taiwanese drama Love, Timeless, one brokenhearted man is given the chance to save the life of his first love and change their fate, but will he be happy with the results? 


30-year-old Liao Jun is experiencing the most frustrating day of his life in 2017. He divorces his wife Zhaoxiaogu, his childhood sweetheart, and gets news that Wang Qianqian, his first love from University, is dead. After he gets drunk and goes home, he finds his dusty graduation album in the attic, and becomes annoyed that his life has gone so poorly... “If only I could start over, I would change it all.” Suddenly, a French antique bell sounds and scares Dajun, who rolls down from the attic. After he falls down, time turns back to 2008, his second year of college! God gives Liao Dajun the opportunity to save his first love and reverse the future, but will he be happy with the surprising results? 


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Love, Timeless - 鐘樓愛人

Starring Nick Chou and Summer Meng

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