Get ready for a tear jerker, y'all!  Upcoming family drama Oh My Geum Bi (aka My Fair Lady), starring Heo Jung Eun, Oh Ji HoPark Jin Hee, and Lee Ji Hoon, promises to be a sweet and touching story about the bond between father and daughter and how love can grow as a result of life's greatest challenges. Take a look! 


Geum Bi (Heo Jung Eun) is only 8-years-old, but she suffers from dementia. She is slowly losing her memory. Her father Hwi Chul (Oh Ji Ho) is a swindler who left her at birth. After his daughter suddenly reappears, he learns about the preciousness of life while taking care of Geum Bi. Go Gang Hee (Park Jin Hee) has her life turned upside down as well after becoming involved with the father/daughter pair.



Oh My Geum Bi is coming to DramaFever on November 16. Add it to your queue now! 

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