Old Boy is coming to DamaFever! The brand new romantic drama stars Ariel Lin (In Time with You, Prince of Lan Ling) and Liu Ye (A Beautiful Life). Find out more about the very special drama that has attracted Ariel Lin to return to TV drama-land.


When life gives you surprising choices, it's time to grow up!

Wu Zhen (Liu Ye) is an airline pilot who possesses handsome looks and an enviable career. In his private life, he enjoys freedom and doesn't care what others think. He feels and acts like he's still a 25-year-old leading a thrill-seeking life until, one day, when his 16-year-old long-lost son re-enters his life. Accompanying his son is a feisty teacher. The two unexpected strangers will topple the free lifestyle enjoyed by Wu Zheng.

Lin Xiao Ou (Ariel Lin) is a teacher who is compassionate, righteous and devoted to her students. When she realizes one of her students has become homeless, she does everything in her power to reunite the boy with his biological father. When she finally meets the father, she discovers that he is the man who became her enemy during her recent overseas travel.

The strong cast is led by award-winning actors Ariel Lin (In Time with You, Prince of Lan Ling), Liu Ye (A Beautiful Life, All Quiet in Peking), Lei Jiayin (Peace Hotel, Guns N'Roses), and supported by rising actors Guo Shutong (Fight for Love) and Hu Xianxu (Nirvana in Fire 2). The drama is directed by Liu Junjie, who previously directed many successful dramas such as My Sunshine, Boss & Me, Easy Fortune Happy Life, and more.



Ariel Lin is known for being very selective about her roles. Old Boy is her first TV drama after a five-year absence. According to Ariel, she fell for the compelling story. Her character is a strong modern woman who, as a teacher, would go out of her way to help her students. She also gets to star with Liu Ye, one of China's top leading men, who plays a free-spirited pilot and man-child that has a lot of growing up to do.

Old Boy is slated to start on DramaFever on March 13. Add it to your watchlist now.


Old Boy - 老男孩

Starring Liu Ye and Ariel Lin

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I find the pairing of Ariel Lin and Liu Ye very interesting and look forward to the new drama. How about you?

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