Good news! The action-thriller Healer is coming this week to DramaFever! Fans of City Hunter will likely be attracted to Healer, which has a similar covert action hero male lead played by Ji Chang Wook and stars the same main actress, Park Min Young. Let's take a look at its new trailer, posters, and stills. 


Kim Moon Ho (Yoo Ji Tae) is a successful reporter at a mainstream news station, but when he stumbles upon a 10-year-old mystery, he's forced to dive into a subversive underground news agency. On his journey to break open the case, Moon Ho teams up with Chae Young Shin (Park Min Young), a second-rate tabloid writer, and Healer (Ji Chang Wook), a mysterious internet-based journalist. With his career and his safety on the line, who can Moon Ho trust in a world full of unreliable sources?


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Photo Shoot

What happens when a woman who can’t lie becomes a news reporter? Find out in Park Shin Hye’s new series Pinocchio:


The first two episodes premiere on DramaFever this Thursday, December 11, and subsequent episodes will be released every Tuesday/Wednesday. Sign up for new episode alerts HERE!