Rising stars Yoon Kyoon Sang (Doctor Crush) and Chae Soo Bin (Cheer Up) are pairing up for their first lead roles in the upcoming traditional sageuk drama Rebel: Thief of the People, and it's coming very soon to DramaFever! 


A popular thief and leader of a band of smugglers grows up poor in the time of the Joseon Dynasty’s most infamous and brutal tyrant king. By winning people’s hearts and listening to his own call, he becomes the first revolutionary of the Joseon era and leads an effort to bring down the emperor.

Hong Gil Dong (Yoon Kyoon Sang from Doctor Crush) is a nobleman’s son. But his mother not being the noble’s wife, he grew up as a bastard. Although the world told him he couldn’t be much, he is young, carefree, and handsome. His life has four main pillars: art, women, laughter, and loyalty. He originally had no interest in the politics or idealism of his father (veteran actor Kim Sang Joong from City Hunter and A New Leaf), who always fights for the poor and wishes to see the corrupt royal establishment fall. Hong Gil Dong instead lives life without much worry, even with the stigma of being an “illegitimate child.” Eventually, he gains a conscience, becomes the leader of a band of smugglers, and starts a revolution against tyranny. Hong Gil Dong is the thief that steals the nation’s heart and becomes a legend.

If there is one person who doesn’t like that legend, however, it’s Lee Young (Kim Ji Suk from Another Oh Hae Young). He is a politician and murderer. However, most people know him only as King Yeonsangun. He believes all people are evil by nature. He has spilled untold amounts of blood in order to strengthen his rule. After a while, however, he begins to wonder. Is he killing because of his royal duty, or because he likes the sight of blood?

Song Ga Ryung (Chae Soo Bin from Moonlight Drawn by Clouds) is a young widow that Hong Ga Dil once saved. She grows up wishing for nothing but revenge. Day after day, she dreams of the day she can carry out her plan to lure the king into her trap, stabbing him in the back before he can escape. Even if she has to seduce him and give up her own life, Song Ga Ryung is determined to get payback against the king for killing her husband.

Jang Nok Soo (Lee Ha Nui from Please Come Back, Mister) is a royal concubine of King Yeonsangun. A femme fatale, Jang Nok Soo is dangerous and the mad king’s only true confidante. She will willingly risk her life for the king, but she still hasn’t forgotten her first true love, Hong Dil Dong.

Rebel: Thief of the People is also known as “Traitor Hong Gil Dong” and “Rebel Hong Gil Dong.” It is directed by Kim Jil Man of Kill Me, Heal Me fame and written by Hwang Jin Young (King’s Daughter: Soo Baek Hyang). It will debut on MBC on January 30, 2017, airing every Monday and Tuesday at 10:00PM. The drama marks the first time that either Yoon Kyun Sang or Chae Soo Bin are the leads in a drama, both having previously worked as supporting cast members in several dramas.



“Fate gone astray, twisted ambitions, shining love’s light,”

“May I steal the hearts of the people… this country…”

 “Everyone left except me. I… waited for you”

 “I want to make the king my man.” 

 “Joseon is mine, a land only for Yeonsangun.”

“My life is in heaven’s hands.”


Rebel: Thief of the People premieres on DramaFever on Tuesday, January 31st! Add it your queue now!

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Rebel: Thief of the People

Starring Yoon Kyoon Sang and Chae Soo Bin

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