Tiffany Tang and Luo Jin are such an adorable couple that their new romantic drama, The Way We Were, is already building up high interest among Asian drama fans. Find out more!

The Way We Were (2018) is a modern romance about a group of friends who are entangled in relationships. Despite different backgrounds and aspirations, they become friends during their study abroad.


Xiao Qing (Tiffany Tang ), Shu Che (Luo Jin), Miao Ying (Amelie Xu), Ning Ming (Tim Yu), Chen Ran (Wang Tianchen) are select college students who leave China to study in the United States. They have personal dreams but also carry the burden of their families' wishes. Xiao QIn admires her father, an honest and righteous prosecutor, and wants to study law. Shu Che seeks independence on his own and doesn't want to rely on his father's connections. Miao Ying was young when her parents divorced, and she possesses an inner strength. Ning Ming is from a poor family and has to work extra hard every step of the way. Chen Ran is rebellious and immature despite not having any shortage of money. Xiao Qing and Shu Che soon fall in love. But when Xiao Qing finds out that her father is investigating Shu Che's father, a government official who is involved in back-door deals, their budding love is crushed by the dilemma caused by their family ties. How will they choose?

A new generation of Chinese students have studied in the U.S ever since China opened to the West during the last few decades. The students' struggles and experiences gave inspiration and fodder to the script-writing duo, Gao Xuan and Ren Baoru, to pen The Way We Were. Tiffany Tang and Luo Jin were so attracted by the story that they decided to co-star once more.

Helmed by the award-winning director Liu Jiang (Let's Get Married), the new drama stars Tiffany Tang (Princess Weiyoung), Luo Jin (Love's Lies, Princess Weiyoung), Amelie Xu (Fighter of the Destiny), Tim Yu (Hero's Dream), and Wang Tianchen (General and I). The series premiered in China in May 2018.


Theme Song: Not Forgotten for a Moment

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The Way We Were (2018) - 归去来

Starring Luo Jin and Tiffany Tang

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*Note: This brand new romantic drama is NOT a remake of the 2014 T-drama, The Way We War, starring Ruby Lin.