New news is always good news here at Dramafever, and we’ve got a fun announcement for everyone out there in dramaland, especially fans of historical fiction!

Its Not Easy Being King airs THIS WEEK here at DramaFever: Thursday, August 31st! The show stars two fresh faces: Zhang Yi Jie and Bai Lu, and is a historical fiction rom-com which means it has all of the elements we love: great costumes, great chemistry, and, in this case … body swapping.

Lu plays Da Xi, an ambitious young chef who falls in love (at first sight, of course) with a handsome Royal Guard (Zhao Yi Qin) But things get, shall we say, complicated when the chef switches souls with the Emperor (Zhang Yi Jie) in a freak accident. Still in love with the Royal Guard, but now in the body of the Emperor, you can bet there’ll never be a dull moment for our young heroine in this show! (Which, by the way, has a major plot twist!)

Watch new episodes of It’s Not Easy Being King every Thursday and Friday, starting Thursday, August 31st!

To whet your appetite, watch the trailer now:


It's Not Easy Being King - 大王不容易

Starring Zhao Yi Qin and Bai Lu

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