The sexy new romance Secret Love Affair is coming soon to DramaFever, and it may be the most seductive Korean melodrama yet. The passion between the two main characters, played by Yoo Ah In and Kim Hee Ae, is almost tangible. Watch the steamy new trailer as well as a very special shout out from the stars to DramaFever fans.


Despite being married and having a fulfilling career as a sophisticated arts foundation director, something is missing in Oh Hye Won's life (Kim Hee Ae). When she meets twenty-something Lee Seon Jae (Yoo Ah In), Hye Won's appetite for passion is awakened, and she soon falls for the impoverished piano prodigy. Though they risk everything, Hye Won and Seon Jae can't help but embark on an affair that threatens to destroy both their lives. Based on the 2005 Japanese film Tokyo Tower, this romance aches with the desperate struggle between love and reality.

Trailer 1:

DramaFever Shout Out From Yoo Ah In and Kim Hee Ae:

Don't the posters just scream steamy, sultry, sensual and seductive? I think this may be the noona romance to end all noona romances! Secret Love Affair is definitely being added to the top of my queue. You know you're tempted to sign up for new episode alerts so that you can watch it immediately when it comes out. Do so HERE!