Tomorrow marks the premiere of the new sageuk The King's Face, which stars hot young actors Seo In GukJo Yoon Hee, and Shin Sung Rok. If you want to know more about this upcoming series, here are all of the details:


Though Crown Prince Kwanghae is the son of a concubine and has always had the question of birthright looming over his head, he is eventually deemed the approved successor to the throne. But shortly after his father's passing, the royal edict is destroyed, giving the Northern faction the opportunity to contest his rule. Without any piece of evidence that can confirm his legitimacy, Prince Kwanghae must rely on the only thing that connects him to the royal bloodline: his own face. When the Crown Prince's claim to the throne is threatened, he must rely on physiognomy — face reading — to foretell his future and prove that he is the one true king.


Seo In Guk as Crown Prince Kwanghae, the son of a concubine and successor to the throne

Lee Sung Jae as King Seonjo, Kwanghae's father and enemy who fears losing power to his son

Shin Sung Rok as the face reader who helps Prince Kwanghae, but also acts as his rival

Jo Yoon Hee as the woman who Kwanghae, Seonjo, and the face reader all love. Sounds complicated!

Kim Gyu Ri as the king's concubine who schemes to make her own son the heir to the throne

Posters and stills

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