China isn't exactly known for having the best urban planning, and that is especially true for commuters on the Chongqing Rail Transit. Since the city's light rail is located in the mountainous city of Chongqing, it has to pass through a residential apartment building as part of its designated line.

For these train riders, it's got to be weird knowing that part of your daily ride involves cruising right through a residential building. Even though the train line is most likely a noisy inconvenience for residents of the towering building, it could also be very helpful being that close to public transit.

As you can guess, netizens have had a field day with this story, with some saying:

"That building’s feng shui is bad."

"You can jump off the building to ride the light rail."

"So did the building come first or did the train tracks come first?"

"Don’t act so surprised, most of Chongqing is this type of terrain, with houses all built on the hills and mountainsides."

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