A Buddhist temple is supposed to be a place where one can go find some peace and tranquility. But this temple in Japan gets disturbed every five minutes, when a speeding commuter train runs right through the grounds.

The Kyosei Railroad Line's tracks run right through the temple grounds of Henjyouin, otherwise known to locals as Train Crossing Temple. Because of the constant passing of the train, there is even a railroad crossing on the property. Because of the frequency of the train passing through, a loud rumble can be heard every few minutes, disrupting the meditation sessions of monks and funerals day in and day out.

But Buddhism is all about being one with nature and acceptance of the realities of the world, so being at peace with the loud noise of this train running through just might be another stop on one's path to salvation. Life is impermanent, just like the silence at this crazy temple.

Now go meditate! (orders of the head monk)

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