While Joo Won and Kim Tae Hee's Yong Pal will give us plenty of romantic suspense, it is also full of very tense action scenes. I'd like to compare Joo Won's recent jump into the river with a gangster patient to Yoon Kye Sang's escape in Last from a car that was fast sinking in a harbor. Both are fantastic action scenes that rival any thrilling action movies, and both actors have been doing their own stunts. Check them out!

A little background before we start the Yong Pal video.

Joo Won is a resident doctor at a famous hospital, but he also moonlights to treat gangsters because he needs the money for his young sister's weekly dialysis. In this scene, he is fleeing from the police because he can't afford to blow his true identity. He also needs the gangster boss to stay alive as a paying customer. With such pressures on his back, not just his backpack, here's what he decides to do when there seems to be nowhere else to run:

Wow, that was electrifying to watch, wasn't it?

After seeing Joo Won stab himself and the gangster with an Epi-pen (for epinephrine or adrenaline,) I had to watch Yoon Kye Sang in Last again because he stabbed himself too in his water-filled escape. Actually, he retrieved what looked like a regular pen along with his expensive diamond engagement ring. 

Here is Yoon Kye Sang's turn to show how to escape from being strapped in a locked car while the car is fast plunging into the deep dark abyss of the harbor:

The Last clip is a very poignant scene in addition to being thrilling.

Both actors reportedly did their own stunts. Even if they were helped by stuntmen, it's definitely Joo Won and Yoon Kye Sang themselves in the key scenes in the dark waters.  

Which of the 2 action scenes do you prefer? I don't mean which situation you would prefer to be in, but which scene do you think is more tense?

Both Yong Pal and Last have started off with strong action scenes, but there are also fascinating romantic angles. I'm watching both. How about you?

Watch the thrilling premiere of Yong Pal:

~ NancyZdramaland

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