What might possibly be the world's most unappetizing cook book is about to hit shelves in Japan, and the main ingredient in this book of recipes is sure to turn you off.

Contrary to what one may assume, this cookbook is not going to be published as a joke. The Condom Cookbook has a bunch of recipes of dishes focused on just that; condoms. Condom-wrapped spring rolls, sukiyaki, you name it. Anything you can think of that can be made with condoms, it's in the cookbook.

The crazy thing about this book is that the publishers claim that it was not made as a joke, as everybody would think. Because condom use in Japan is not as common as it could be, the publishers wanted a way to reach out to the sexually active, and in making a condom recipe book, promote condom awareness.

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Now who would want to unwrap a condom when eating a summer roll is beyond me. If anything, this book does induce conversation, and maybe that's just what the publishers intended.

Safe eating!

"I want to make my sweetheart a condom dinner."