It seems the rumors are true that former Click-B member Oh Jong Hyuk and T-ara's Soyeon have been dating for nearly three years now.

Oh Jong Hyuk's representatives have finally put years of wild speculation to rest with an official statement. Apparently the two started dating before Oh Jong Hyuk's military enlistment and it's been reported that Soyeon has patiently waited for his discharge.

In case you need further evidence, Oh Jong Hyuk and Soyeon were recently spotted celebrating their 1,000th day together at a local coffee shop where they showed outward affection for each other. The report also noted that Soyeon gazed at Oh Jong Hyuk lovingly as Oh Jong Hyuk brushed her cheeks with his hands. Not bad!

In addition to the official statement regarding their long-term relationship, a prior statement that Soyeon made during an airing of the MBC variety show, Bouquet, had resurfaced. She said, "10 years ago, when I was 14 years-old, as I was watching the TV, I saw seven princes come out. They were so beautiful. But among the seven, prince Oh Jong Hyuk was playing the guitar. For him, I spent all the money I had saved up for six years and bought a sofa. I bought a orange-colored, leather sofa and sent it to them."

Looks like it worked!