Remember when we did this story on YoonA considering, then rejecting, then reconsidering the leading lady role in the upcoming tvN drama K2? Well, turns out the deal has finally been struck and YoonA has confirmed that she will be a part of the drama! 

On August 10, tvN and her agency SM Entertainment confirmed that she will be appearing as the female lead in the drama, stating "YoonA recently confirmed she will appear...". 

Starring opposite Ji Chang Wook, the drama centers around a bodyguard and a woman who both experience betrayal and are out for revenge. According to her reps, "YoonA will show a new image through a character that is different from what she's usually shown." The woman, Anna Ko, who will be played by YoonA, is described as a solitary character who has a fear of people and suffers with panic when exposed to flashing lights. She is the hidden offspring of a presidential candidate and former celebrity. The bodyguard will use her to get revenge against the people who were unfaithful to him.

We can't wait to get more details on the drama! Watch this space for more...

K2 will be premiering exclusively on DramaFever on September 9. Add it to your queue now!