parkshihoo Confusion among netizens deepened as conflicting statements from credible sources concerning Park Shi Hoo's indictment for sexual assault were released. While Park Shi Hoo maintains that Trainee A and he shared the night due to mutual interest, Trainee A told the police, her attorney, and the sexual violence squad that she was sexually assaulted while unconscious. Trainee A told the sexual violence squad on February 15th at around 9 PM, "I lost consciousness after drinking and when I woke up, I realized I had been sexually assaulted by Park Shi Hoo." The 22 year old is currently being treated at a hospital specializing in victims who are sexually assaulted and is in good health. What is confusing is that even reliable news sources tell different stories, making it harder for netizens to understand the truth of the situation. SBS news said that Park Shi Hoo, Trainee A, and Person B left the bar and headed to Person B's house. However, News Nate said that Trainee A claims to have found herself sexually assaulted when she awoke at Park Shi Hoo's house. If they went to Park Shi Hoo's house and it is true that Person B stayed over for the night, netizens wondered why Person B would not have stopped Park Shi Hoo from the alleged sexual assault. Some even speculated that Person B himself participated in the alleged crime. But none of the allegations above have been proven to be true.   Meanwhile, Park Shi Hoo will be meeting with the police on February 24th after consulting with his lawyer. (Source: &