Taiwanese actor Lan Cheng Long (Blue Lan) got married on May 17 to actress Chou You-Ting (Jade Chou) in a very casual ceremony. They registered at the local government office and dressed very casually.

It was a surprise wedding for being so quick and casual, but fans were not shocked because Blue had flashed a 1.5 carat diamond ring from Bulgari costing NT$150,0000 (US$50,000) on his private FB account just a week ago. His proposal must have worked!

Blue Lan is the star of DramaFever's Easy Fortune Happy Life and P.S. Man, and he has been a popular male lead on many dramas in Taiwan and China. His tumultuous love life has been in the news frequently because he's been linked to quite a few famous actresses, including Barbie Hsu who starred in Meteor Garden (Taiwan's Boys Over Flowers.)

Jade is an award winning actress who won Best Actress at the Asian Television Awards last year for her drama series Falling. Blue and Jade actually met 13 years ago when they starred in a drama, but they did not fall for each other then. Last year, they co-starred in the micro-drama See U Hokuriku, and finally fell head over heels for each other. They confirmed their relationship a few months ago and said they were not against getting married.

After the surprise wedding, Blue wrote on FB:

I am 35 this year, half way through my life.

Today my other half joined me.

I feel very happy and grateful for everyone's care.

Welcome Mrs. Lan! Miss Chou!

Thanks for staying with me at the lowest point in my life and helping me leave those unhappy times.

I really thank you.

Jade added on her FB:

When I really loved myself, that's when I knew happiness wasn't far away.

Thanks to everyone's best wishes!

We have received them.

Perhaps Blue's agent said it best by citing a Chinese poem:

"After searching in the crowd for miles, the right one is right there when you turn around."

Almost exactly 2 months ago, Jade said in an interview that she had seen Blue grow and mature over the years from someone who used to have a bad temper. She said that they would let things progress naturally. Interestingly, this report also mentioned fortune tellers were forecasting a surprise wedding in this couple's future. They are proven right!

Best wishes to the couple who finally found each other, and we hope they will enjoy an Easy Fortune Happy Life.