Congratulations to Taiwanese actress, Guo Shu Yao, for beating out four male competitors to win the Best New Performer award for her leading role in the movie Step Back to Glory at the 50th Golden Horse Award this weekend in Taiwan!

Nicked named Yao Yao, the 23 year old actress won Best New Performer award for her lead role in Step Back to Glory. Based on a true story, the film is about ten girls from disadvantaged backgrounds who enter a prestigious girls' high school in Taipei to be members of a tug-of-war team. These girls endure hardship and difficult training and win the world tug-of-war championship. Ultimately the story is about their optimism and determination despite adversity to achieve their goal.

When her win was announced, Yao Yao could not contain her emotions and broke into tears on stage.

The theme of overcoming hardship is reminiscent of Guo Shu Yao's own life. Still a teenager in 2007, she became a model to help her family's finances after her father passed away. Within two months of modeling, she was signed by an agent. In 2009, she became an overnight sensation after a series of commercials which highlighted her appealing figure. Her popularity as a teen idol paved way to her singing and then acting career.

DramaFever viewers can see Guo Shu Yao in her supporting roles in popular dramas such as Office Girls and Substitute Princess.