After months of rumors and speculations, famous Taiwanese actress, Barbie Hsu, is finally pregnant. On November 2, she revealed her happy news on China's Weibo, a Twitter-like service, and included a photo. The news immediately became viral in Asia.

Barbie wrote, "Thanks to everyone's good wishes. We finally have three in the family! It's a blessing." Her husband also added in his Weibo message, "My wife worked hard."

Ever since Barbie's surprise marriage to China's South Beauty restaurant-chain heir and CEO, Wang Xiaofei, in 2011 after only meeting for a short time, celebrity news followers have been monitoring Barbie's appearances to see when she would get pregnant. Barbie and her husband both said they wanted to start a family as soon as possible. There have been some false reports, and recently, it was even reported that her husband was depressed because Barbie wasn't pregnant yet.

Recently they were photographed praying at a temple in Thailand. Perhaps it worked? Soon Barbie was seen gaining weight and wearing loose clothing. It is a Chinese custom not to reveal pregnancy news too early. They prefer to wait at least three months to be more certain of viability before making an announcement. Next we'll probably be hearing from fortune tellers claiming they know the baby's gender.

Now that Barbie has announced her pregnancy, what's been happening to her male lead, Peter Ho, in one of DramaFever's all-time favorite super romantic dramas, "Summer's Desires"? Peter Ho isn't married yet and his parents are reportedly very anxious for good news.