One of the newest K-star couples has officially announced that they are to marry in early 2014. On January 16th, actor Choi Won Young, who recently starred in Heirs as Secretary Yoon, Chan Young (Kang Min Hyuk)’s father, announced that he will be getting married to a Korean actress, Shim Yi Young. They formally played a couple in the K-drama A Hundred Years’ Inheritance, and one month ago they officially revealed that they were dating each other.

The couple delivered the news that they will be getting married on February 28th, and now Shim Yi Young is pregnant with Choi Won Young’s baby. He handled the job swiftly and without delay, and showed his gentle manner towards his bride by announcing his pleasure to be a father and his happiness about the marriage through his agency.

There are many K-star couples who met each other and got married through K-dramas. Choi Soo Jong-Ha Hee Ra, Yeon Jung Hoon-Han Ga In, Ji Sung–Lee Bo Young, Yoo Jin–Ki Tae Young etc. Nowadays, the number of Korean star couples has been increasing, and this shows how much the stars support each other.

Choi Won Young recently confirmed that he would also star in the K-drama Three Days, which will be the next drama after SBS’ My Love From Another Star.