Are you excited to see G.E.M Tang's concerts in the States and Canada? DramaFever held a sweepstakes for free tickets to G.E.M Tang's X.X.X Live World Tour," and now we have our winners. 10 winners from 5 cities in two countries. 

Let's hear from some of DF users.

Cassia Gu from L.A.

Salutations! My name is Cassia, and I am the fortunate winner of the G.E.M. aka 鄧紫棋 concert ticket in the DramaFever's October Promotion Sweepstakes. I am currently a junior in college, and I've been watching dramas on DramaFever since I was a junior back in high school. That's when I started, actually. My favorite K-Drama is My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox, anyone?

I just want to say, "Thank you, DramaFever, for this unexpected surprise since I didn't even know such an event was going on — much less did I expect to win. And also, I am grateful for the reasonable price set for having no ads plus HD when it comes to watching dramas, up to date too! Another thank you goes out to all the hard-working subbers for Korean, Chinese, etc."

Last, but not least, to all fellow drama watchers out there, let's continue to support and cheer on all the dramas we very much enjoy watching on DramaFever!

Mei Y. from New York

"DramaFever provides fast and accurate subtitles so I can stay up to date with my favorite Korean shows. They have all the shows I watch in one place so I don't need to waste time searching the web for other sources. As a premium member I don't need to worry about ads interrupting the flow of my shows and I get to watch my shows in glorious HD."

Thanks for all the DramaFever fans' support. We will continue to work harder to bring the best entertainment experience to you.

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