Ooooo, it looks like the tables may have turned for Lee Min Ho! He once played the bad-boy bully of F4, Jun Pyo, in Boys Over Flowers, but it seems that his character, Tan, may be on the other end of the infamous red card in the next episode of Heirs.

Does this scene remind anyone else of the BOF crowd who antagonized Jan Di? Take a close look at what's under his shoe!

I predict that Choi Young Do will hand the red card to him because he feels threatened that Tan is back from America to reclaim his old crown. Or perhaps Choi Young Do will throw it at Tan's feet to remind him of his former bullying days and make him look bad in front of Cha Eun Sang, who Choi will now have a crush on. I wonder if the writers will have the character who gives him the card recognize that it's from BOF and purposefully play on the reference.

Either way, I for one am excited to see a little high school drama, even though IMHO they look more like college kids. I guess you just don't get the same kind of drama in college that you get in high school.

What do you think is going to happen in this scene? Comment below! Let's see who's right after we watch episode 5 tomorrow!