Sometimes, deciding what can and cannot be shown on television can be like walking on a razor's edge. What some people consider completely safe and benign can be interpreted by others as vulgar and offensive. Recently, the Korean Communications Standards Commission (KCSC) -- Korea's television and media censor -- has been busy dealing with the controversies involving two popular dramas, “The K2” and “Our Gap Soon”, and their allegedly too hot for TV (well...Korean TV) scenes.  Just how racy were the scenes to get them into trouble? Read on to find out!

In hit drama, “The K2”, it recently stirred up some controversy with a...rather steamy scene. Featuring protagonist Kin Je Ha's (Ji Chang Wook) trip to a bathhouse, things really start to heat up when he gets into a fight with...well...a bunch of fully naked men with only their private parts blurred out.

The bathhouse scene was put up for review on the grounds that the scene was too excessive for a family drama broadcasting at 8 p.m.. Because of the depicted nudity, the drama was considered to have violated the "maintenance of dignity regulation."

Upon deliberation, KCSC decided that “The K2” would receive a ‘recommendation’ from the KCSC to refrain from such scenes in the future.

Another popular drama, “Our Gab Soon”, also recently came under fire for what was seen as a problematic depiction of sexual violence. The scene in question involved the breakup of the characters Shin Gab Soo (Kim So Eun) and Heo Gab Dol (Song Jae Rim). Things got dicey when in response to Shin Gab Soo breaking up with him, Heo Gab Dol forces Shin Gab Soo against a wall and proceeds to repeatedly kiss her despite her resistance.

The charges brought against the drama alleged that the scene portrayed 'dating violence' and thus was in violation of the 'maintenance of dignity and gender equality' clauses.  However, after much deliberation, the drama was cleared by the KCSC. In a statement defending their decision, the KCSC stated that, “we don’t think we should take issue with parts like this in dramas," ruling that “There is no problem."

What did you think about these ‘disputed’ scenes and the rulings of the KCSC?