A man from Okinawa, Japan planted a garden on the roof of his car, giving new meaning to the term 'eco car.'

Because he didn't have money to fix the air conditioner in his car, Mr. Chinen decided to plant seeds on the top of his car to grow plants in the hopes that they would make it a little cooler for him in the humid summer months. As his seeds sprouted, he noticed other random plants growing off his roof. It turns out that although he only planted sunflower seeds, everything else was either planted by passers-by or occurred naturally!

Mr. Chinen has never seen the car in action since he's always driving it, so he doesn't know what it looks like. He does feel embarrassed sometimes by all the looks, especially at crowded intersections, because he has nowhere to go but sit behind the wheel as pedestrians take pictures and laugh.

He apparently fixed his air conditioner, but hasn't used it in four years. "I don't need to," he says. "It's actually cool in my car."

How it all began:

On the highway:

Nice and cool!