Recipe one of the K-Drama Cooking Club was all about patbingsu. It’s a shaved ice and red bean treat created to cool you down, and satisfy your sweet tooth. At the end of the recipe I asked if you attempted to make this recipe, you send me a small review and photo of your creation. I was so happy to see in my inbox an email from Carmel.H! As fate would have it she attempted this recipe on her own before the article even went up! Below is her review along with a photo of her homemade patbingsu! “Omg! I had just made this two weeks ago. Since falling into the kpop and kdrama scene I have become addicted to many Korean recipes. So when I saw this I definitely had to have it.  So. I bought a shaved ice machine (which arrived broken, I was so mad) but I persevered and made my dessert.  Oh my god it was so good, so refreshing and just something that I will definitely be making a lot of in this hot Nyc summer.” Patbingsu This looks absolutely delicious right?! It seems Carmel H. went with a banana, strawberry, and I believe grape topping! This just shows you can put anything on your patbingsu! If you want your review and food photos featured, make sure to email me at or tweet me @K_Kisses_KrisE Click HERE for the Patbingsu recipe. KrisE!