A fun, smartly paced drama about two broadcast journalists who team up to hunt down the truth and expose corruption, Spotlight was written by Lee Ki Won (White Tower) and stars Son Ye Jin and Ji Jin Hee, both much-loved drama and film stars. Son Ye Jin (Daemang, A Moment to Remember) is a rookie journalist who makes up in passion what she lacks in experience, while Ji Jin Hee (Dong Yi, Soo) is her gruff but dedicated mentor. What happens when a rookie reporter and a charismatic veteran fall in love? Oh Tae Suk (Ji Jin Hee) is a dedicated television reporter whose demanding ways make him difficult to work for. The lead reporter of the social news division, he refuses to allow his family connections - his father is a member of Parliament - to influence his work. Seo Woo Jin (Son Ye Jin) is a rookie reporter who beat out fierce competition to join the news station, and now finds herself in over her head. As Tae Suk trains her along with the other new junior reporters, he notices her potential and takes her under his wing. The two track down injustice and expose corruption in the government and big business, and just might fall for each other along the way... Watch SPOTLIGHT now on DramaFever!