Imagine if Heirs stars Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho turned around and played brothers in their next drama! I know it’s totally out there, but hear me out!

So, I was looking at celebrity Twitter photos and came across Park Shin Hye's recent tweet of her and Lee Min Ho on the set of Heirs. The two of them really look alike! They have the same eyes, and they just seem to share features that make them look related.

Obviously it’s too weird for them to play brother and sister right now, but Park Shin Hye could totally play his younger brother! She’s already played a boy before as Go Mi Nam in You’re Beautiful and she was hot in that! This is hilarious because it’s totally crazy, but it could work and, umm, it’s about time for a new gender-bender drama anyway.

Just check out these photos of Park Shin Hye in boy form as Go Min Nam compared to Lee Min Ho. I promise you will be just as weirded out as me by the end!

If they played brothers in a drama their concept could be "Rockers!"

Or they could be "Clean cut Preppies."

How about "Hipster Chic" with parents who are famous artists!


O.M.G Imagine this storyline! Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye started out as brother and sister but then their mother ran off and abandoned Min Ho and raised Shin Hye in America (everyone is raised in America in K-Dramas). Years later Min Ho is a famous music producer who tripped and hit his head and of course got amnesia, so he doesn't remember his childhood, but Shin Hye remembers! To re-connect with her brother she pretends to be a guy and auditions for the male Idol group he's forming! BOOM! I just created a drama YOU ALL WOULD WATCH! #IhaveSoooManyTalents ^_^

So what do you think? In the crazy world of K-Drama could Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye really play brothers?

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE