You've heard of Japanese geishas—traditional female hostesses who are skilled dancers, musicians and entertainers—but a guy-sha? For Eitaro, a 26-year-old male geisha house master in Tokyo, the idea isn't so strange. Raised by a geisha, Eitaro and his sisters dedicated themselves to their mother's work after she succumbed to cancer. Committed to restoring Tokyo geisha culture, Eitaro and his family oversee a group of geishas, and while there are some male geishas who accompany the dancers on drums, Eitaro is the only male who takes on a full female geisha role. Since he has been dancing in his mother's geisha house since he was 11 years old, Eitaro is a natural. And the presence of a male geisha hasn't hurt business—it's only increased their popularity! Eitaro's mother's vision was to restore geishas to prominence, after their numbers dwindled from 80,000 to approximately 1,000 in a difficult and changing entertainment industry. It sounds like Eitaro, in his willingness to think outside the box, is succeeding so far! Here, you can see Eitaro serving his guests: Would you guess this is what Eitaro looks like on the street? What do you think? Could this become a trend? (Source: