Imagine: Your stomach growls uncontrollably. All around you is ice. You remember that juicy steak you ate almost 46 hours ago. Your skin feels like it will freeze off at some point. And you volunteered for this? Such is the icebox challenge in China.

Four Chinese contestants took the icebox challenge in Changsha, Hunan province. They were to sit in a 1 cubic meter box built by panels of ice for 48 hours without eating or drinking. Who made it through?

This volunteer could not stand the cold so she took off as soon as she got in. Smart girl!

Luo Li was the first woman contestant, but she didn’t make it through the challenge.

Cei Deyi, nicknamed “Polar Bear,” let out a roar after he finished his 48-hour endurance.

After his triumphant completion of the challenge, Zhan Chunyi , assisted by medical staff, was congratulated by his loving wife.

Xiangyong, nicknamed “Fire Man,” hoarsely cried out to the crowd after his successful trial of the icebox endurance challenge.

Three out of four made it out. I hope all the contestants got a swag bag at the least.