SHINee's Onew is back with yet another scandal, this time with a girl-group member 6 years older than him. After School's Jung Ah (29) and Onew (23) are rumored to have been in a relationship for almost a year now and there are pictures to prove it! Or at least prove they are more than just friendly acquaintances. Both parties have denied the rumors through their respective entertainment agencies, SM and Pledis, and both have released similar statements that, "They are close but they are not dating." However, pictures of the two on what seems to be a date have been released via news reports, followed by a public reveal of Twitter interaction. The most recent conversation was when Onew tweeted, "Ameoba Food Concert!" to which Jung Ah replied, "I want to go too." Onew then replied back, "That's just too bad." The two have also arranged dinner arrangements via Twitter. Nonetheless, Jung Ah and Onew themselves stay mum as their agencies step up against the rumors. In related news, Onew is also under fire for smoking electric cigarettes in one of the photos taken with Jung Ah. Despite their denial, do you think that they make a cute couple? (Source: