Move over Martha Stewart; Lee Min Ho and Girls' Generation member Yoona are teaching us how to make Christmas ornaments this year! Back in October Lee Min Ho and Yoona got together and filmed a special "Green Christmas" commercial for eco-friendly cosmetics brand Innisfree. The company has since gifted us all with a special Christmas Ornament tutorial where both Yoona and Lee Min Ho guide us through the steps in creating our own ornaments! #CraftSpaz

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Now, you'll notice Yoona does all the work while Min Ho just sits there adding enthusiastic commentary like "Ooo," and "wow," but that's ok because this project looks difficult! In the video below you'll see Yoona has a box which is pre-packed with the supplies needed. I believe it's a special Innisfree holiday kit you could probably pick up at the store if you're lucky to have one in your location. The video itself is super cute, and Yoona is now a master home-made ornament maker!

Wasn't that cute?! I'm so pumped for the holidays, but you won't catch me sitting here making tiny cross stitches! This seems like the perfect project to keep the kids busy for a while, or for those who have major love for a sewing needle.

What do you think of this Christmas ornament idea? Would you try it out or pass on it?

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE