A group of super fans of the ultra popular K-pop group Crayon Pop took over Times Square in New York City on August 31, to spread the word and show their support for their favorite band.

Crayon Pop formed in 2012 with the five members of all female pop group Eillin, Way, So Yul, Cho A, and Gum Mi taking the K-pop world by storm with the debut of their first single, "Bing Bing." The group's most recent single, "Bar, Bar, Bar" was a huge hit on the K-pop charts. Check out the pics from these dedicated Crayon Pop enthusiasts as they pass out candy, play fun games with fans, dance and have a great time. All for the love of Crayon Pop!

This happy fan got some delicious Crayon Pop candy!

These fans love Crayon Pop so much, they'll dance on drains!

Yummm, Crayon Pop candy for every fan!

Come on New Yorkers, less sitting, more dancing for Crayon Pop!

High five Crayon Pop party!

These fans probably danced the whole way down the stairs.

Blondes for Crayon Pop!!

Crayon Pop super fans surrounded by what looks like another boy band.

Woody and Iron Man are about to get down to Crayon Pop.