Japan is definitely the land of outrageous snacks and sweets. New flavors and collaborations between manufactures take place pretty much every season, but some food products are created for pure novelty. Some are amazingly tasty; some are outright gross.

A Russian blogger uploaded some of the most disgusting ice cream you've ever seen in your life, and they are from Japan. In defense of Japanese sensibilities, most Japanese people don't even know about the existence of these ice creams. They are sold in Ishinomaki, up north in Sendai, where the tsunami made a direct hit. A local ice cream shop obviously has recovered their sense of humor and adventure. Fuugetsudo, known otherwise as ice cream heaven, sells Japanese venomous snake flavor, raw horse meat, cow's tongue, charcoal, octopus, Indian curry, mackarel, and wasabi. The company behind these ice creams even have other flavors, like miso ramen, beer, sake, and more! The creativity behind these ice creams are cool, but honestly just plain gross. Fun, maybe. Yummy? Definitely not. But who knows!

But a possibly very tasty ice cream that just came out is the new "Happy Turn Ice Cream." Happy Turn is an iconic brand of rice crackers that has been around since 1977. I used to love snacking on them when I was a kid. They're salty, yet buttery. Pure MSG flavor! They taste better than any chips I've ever stuffed in my mouth. And now it's an ice cream. You even get some flavored powder to put on the ice cream that gives you the full Happy Turn experience!

Buttery and salty rice cracker flavored ice cream might sound gross, too. But who really knows unless you get a spoonful in your mouth? After all, that is what cooking is all about. You experiment, free-style, and sometimes the resulting flavor blows you away.

I gotta say, I'd definitely much rather get blown away by a salty and buttery rice cracker flavored ice cream than a venomous snake flavored one.





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Indian curry!

Cow's tongue!

Raw horse!

Venomous snake!

AND Happy Turn!