Being addicted to the prison drama The Escape really gets one thinking about so many prison-related issues–the meaning of freedom, unfair incarceration, love, revenge, Morgan Freeman's wisdom in Shawshank Redemption, and, of course, cool prison tattoos.

Tattoos are a permanent mark, not to be taken lightly, and hopefully not inspired by prison life. Still, some of the tattoos displayed on the show are really cool. Just check out the photos below:

3D Cross representing his unbreakable faith

'My Kid, My Heaven'

Angel's wings with the main gang's symbol in the middle

Half human, half beast

Then there are other tattoos; they aren't prison inspired or related to the show, but I couldn't pass up the chance to show them. Some people should seriously consider investing in a mirror, or a lawyer.

I can already think of one...

"This will NEVER get old!"

Maybe you should.

Hope this one was on the house.

I think something is off...

Don't forget to check out The Escape, an amazingly addicting futuristic action drama full of unexpected twists and turns!