Even more surprising than the purported trend among certain young Japanese women of gifting chocolate laced with menstrual blood, hair and other personal ingredients for Valentine's Day, is that similar customs can be found around the world.

In countries such as Mexico, rural communities continue to have a spiritual leader who is considered the shaman or witch doctor that has a cure for pretty much everything that can go wrong, including a broken heart. Potions and spells originating from shamans are passed on from generation to generation and become these sort of myths who many swear by.

Many love potions have one ingredient in common: menstrual blood. The logic is, feed the man you are in love with a taste of this key ingredient and he will forever be at your feet, because that totally makes sense. Some even add the toloache plant, believing in its mystical properties when in reality it is a type of hallucinogen that sedates you and severely affects your neurological response and brain patterns (much like love, I suppose).

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Menstrual blood, toloache, and chocolate is believed to be the perfect combination to have your man eternally in love with you. It is important to note that some believers say mixing toloache and menstrual blood is unfair because its power is too strong and no one should manipulate men like that. Glad they know where to draw the line.