Girls' idol group fans in Japan are often pretty creepy. But none are as creepy as these grown men who paid to hang out on a bus with five pre-teen girls.

As far back as there were "idols" in Japan, there were the hardcore adult male fans, almost religiously cheering for and supporting these singing and dancing teenage girls. Huge stadium shows put on by the most popular idol groups like Morning Musume and AKB 48 fill to capacity with 20,000 fans, almost all of them being adult men. These men sing and dance in unison to every single song. They buy merchandise, they take pictures, and many will pay extra money to maybe get a handshake at a book signing at a bookstore that they've waited hours in line for. In short, they're some dedicated dudes.

Fans for "Peach sugar snow" and "RELISH" unanimously take the gold in the creepy fan competition. These grown men actually paid money to hang out on a bus and play cards with the girls of these two groups, all of whom are in elementary or junior high school. It's like a hostess club on a bus with children, minus the alcohol.

So wrong on every level. And creepy on every level too.