WARNING: Not for the faint hearted! Please excuse the Twilight reference, but it's hard to resist the Cullens reference when talking about real life vampires. Real life vampires that drink deer blood. A Korean girl's obsession with fresh blood has led her to become an internet sensation. She takes fresh deer blood to restaurants so that she can mix it in her food. But she doesn't limit herself to just deer blood—she'll drink any kind of raw blood. Her friends' expressions after she is finished with her meal (and you'll find out why): She orders very rare meat... ... and drizzles her dinner with some fresh deer blood: Here are what her noodles look like before and after some bloody sauce: Food is not the only thing she likes to douse in blood. She likes to take baths in blood and use it as a facial cleanser too: Eating fresh meat and drinking blood in front of her parents: Do you know of anyone who is addicted to drinking blood? (Source: www.blog.asiantown.net)