Yesterday was the first day of filming for Avengers: Age of Ultron in Seoul, South Korea, and unfortunately the crew has already run into some difficulties. The first scene was being shot on the Mapo Bridge when staff on a boat beneath discovered a dead body floating in the river.

The crew immediately called 119 (the equivelent of American 911) and police retrieved the body. It was unfortunately identified as a man name Mr. Yoon, a 21 year old who had been missing since March 10th. Apparently he may have committed suicide after leaving a text message that spoke of his dissatisfaction with his life.

Police commented, "[The body] was already severely decomposed, so we believe it had nothing to do with the filming. There are no external injuries on the body, so we are predicting suicide."

We express condolences to his family and hope the filming continues with no more incidences.